Thursday, December 17, 2009

Do You See What I See: Twitter Edition

This is my girl's Twitter profile pic and I absolutely love this quote. I guess this is quote of the day too.

And some other random funny [to me] quotes...

"Shawty you ain't got no change for us"

This was said in passing by two black teenage males walking down Michigan Ave. coatless while I was walking to work (so yeah at 8 in the morning). Um... are you peddling, cat calling or something else... I was confused.

"Your legs look really nice in those heels. Wear them until you can't anymore. See me, I have big legs & they just don't look as good in heels."

- Old lady who asked me to ride the CTA elevator with her on the way to church because she was scared. (Don't get me wrong, I love a jazzy old lady, but I also love the fact that this old lady is modest and understands what's age and weight appropriate and what's not. That made me smile.)

"When asked what she'd like to have most in the world, her reply: Donald Trump's baby"

- WGN newscaster talking about a Hooters girl who was on the show. (Gotta love the morning news).


South Loop Social Light said...

"Heeeeeey there young lady. Oooohhhh weeee... sho' look good to me."

- said by the streetwise guy on the corner of Wacker and Wabash

South Loop Social Light said...

Oh, and this green peace girl said "work it tyra" to me the other day. I guess I had a fierce strut? I was just trying to get my ass to the train. It was cold. lol