Thursday, December 10, 2009


So Bridezillas is On Demand and I must admit, I watch it often. It BLOWS me how these women have convinced men propose to them. Even moreover, I cannot believe some of the background stories about how the couples met.

(Ok, it's not 10, but you get the point)

7. More than once the woman started off as a friend of her now-fiance's ex-girlfriend and "stole" him away from his ex. What the hell kind of union is going with withstand that kind of shaky foundation?

6. Brides are always calling their bridesmaids fat. You knew how fat your friends were when you asked them to be in the damn wedding. Fall back.

5. On the complete opposite, I saw a bride kick a girl out of her wedding because the bridesmaid lost weight and the bride didn't want her "to be prettier than me."

4. It's clear that some of these people are just acting out for the show. This one bride called her bridesmaid bitches EVERY time she addressed them. I know good and hell well 7 black women are not going for that. In real life one of them would have cussed her out. I could hear myself now *Fred Sanford in Harlem Nights voice* "I'm not gone be too many more bitches up in here today."

3. People act like it's some big privilege to be in their wedding. Newsflash: no one wants to pay to be mistreated.

2. A bride was looking for a white horse to ride into the church on and she called all the stables too late (like 2 weeks before her wedding). She asked the man on the phone if he'd ever been on all fours and if she could pay them to ride in on her back. I was furious when I watched that episode. I wanted to jump through the TV and fight her. Getting married does not give you a pass to be ridiculous.

1. The announcer is HILARIOUS! She has a sugary sweet voice, but treats people on the regular. Basically saying stuff like "a short 8 years after they met, with two kids and a house already, these two lovebirds are ready to jump the broom" that ish is funny to me.


antithesis said...

GIRL! my sister and i watch the marathons and just laugh for hours. what man is letting you disrespect his mama? that one character who wanted to box her mother-in-law was just not even a convincing actress. the carribbean chick got on my nerves b/c her hubby was really cute and she was gruesome. i tend not to care when the hubby is unattractive to me but they cuties could have me instead.

South Loop Social Light said...

I watch this show every once in a while. I find that the brides have gotten more ghetto, country, fatter and uglier over the years... not to mention obnoxious and delusional. It's almost too much to stomach. I prefer shows like "Say Yes to the Dress", "Platinum Weddings" and "My Fair Wedding"... I like to keep it positive and happy around these parts. Bridezillas is a train wreck...and not one I want to watch.

Luvvie said...

iLOVE that announcer. She STAYS treating them women!

P.S. ALL them bridezillas need to be dropkicked thru the goalposts of life.

The Real Housewife of Cook County said...

I was so anti-Bridezilla for a long time. Finally a few friends have finally convinced me to watch and I am always dying. I have been catching the episodes on demand too and I know #2 is about "Queen Brown." You know what really gets me? Most of the time these brides have all of these demands and don't have a pot to piss in nor a window to throw it out of. Being rich doesn't give u a pass but when u are raised a certain way, I can understand certain behavior, when u broke as hell, you really need to get off it. Like a chick who wanted her groom to buy her a new engagement ring that was 30K. STOP fronting, YOU know y'all can't afford that sh*t!

b.enchanted said...

I meant to comment on this earlier. I watch the show and I need to stop- I laugh at first but then it's really just depressing. Why are these women so concerned with a ceremony, while losing the respect of their men and friends in the process? Why are they going for broke on tacky jewelry and "candy bars"???
And why the hell are nice women still single while these heiffers are treating their men like poo?

ThummyB said...

I can't even watch the show anymore b/c it's so fake and over the top. These chicks (who are faaar from attractive or a catch) lose their damn minds on that show. I can't go. BUT I agree that the announcer is hilarious.

Product Junkie Diva said...

LOL LOL Antithesis I know exactly the couples you mentioned and I was thinking ummm that guy is NOT ugly so why is he with her. She was a BEAST, I think his name was Yohan...something like that. And as for the other couple when that mom in law made that crappy box and her gross looking daughter in law crushed the box, I laughed so hard because the mother, her son and the chick are clearly morons.
T- I saw the episode where the woman wanted to ride in on a horse. Well dang she already looked like a horse so Im not sure that was the brightest idea. Oh and she was also getting her ex hubby to send her money under the guise that he was paying for his kids...smh.
Oh and did you see that other idiot who called me a "$9.00 and hour person"- oh geez she was a mess.