Friday, December 4, 2009

Baby Showers

I was recently on going through my girl's baby shower registry. I was going to call her and ask her something about it, but then it occured to me that I didn't want to tempt her to look at it. Side note: She's probably reading this which negates the whole point of not calling her, but whatever. Maybe she skipped a day of reading this blog.

So question of the day is for the mommies who have had gift registries (or even people who have done wedding registries): what keeps you from looking at your gift registry online? Or do you just say eff it and check it all day everyday like Twitter.


antithesis said...

from being on the other side of a registry, i'd say that those things arent accurate. if i look at ur thing online, i probably wont order right then and there and when i get to the store, im likely to forget to associate my purchase with ur registry.

when my sister was getting married, we we attached at the hip and i dont recall her checking it more than a couple of times. i dont think she cared that much. she was more concerned with everyone who rsvp'd actually coming b/c the watergate wanted $75/plate in advance...

KindredSmile said...

I checked my registry often, but I noticed that not many people bothered to let the cashier/guest service know when they bought something off of it. I was more concerned with the inclusion of gift receipts, cause back then Target's return policy was ridiculous.