Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The 90s ARE BACK!!!


10. Name plates are back
9. Shoulder pads are back (early 90s)
8. Kids are wearing colorful jeans (they're skinny & not baggy, but colorful nonetheless)
7. Stonewashed jeans are back. Well, Rihanna's the only one wearing these, but she's a trendsetter, so we'll see.
6. K-Ci, Jo-Jo & Htown just dropped a song.
5. Juvenile has music out
4. Ja Rule has music out
3. Montell Jordan said here on Twitter that he might be dropping an album in 2010.
2. The Bears are losing consistently
1. We have a President in office that we voted for

I friggin' love the 90s. I'm glad they're back. I just want Jodeci boots to make a comeback then my life will be complete. Who's throwing the next 90s party? What'd I miss?


antithesis said...

i saw kid AND play (separately) being somehow relevant a couple months back.

lol @ a president in office we voted for.

Kay* said...

haha - the 90s ARE back! i didn't even really look at it like you did. hilarious.

merry christmas lady! have a good one.