Friday, November 13, 2009

The Joys of Friday Night Laundry

There's an older gentleman in my building who lives on my floor that I see occasionally. Every time we cross paths he complains. "There's oil dripping from the elevator ceiling, the antique elevator doors aren't working, the new washing machine doesn't shake the clothes as vigorously as the old washing machine did." I'm not making this up. He never has anything positive to say and it gets kind of old. I usually just smile and nod or nervous laugh and pray that the slow elevator will go faster.

I noticed that he ALWAYS does his laundry on Friday night. I sometimes do laundry on Friday nights. But whenever I do I ALWAYS see him. So today, our paths met in the laundry room (and the elevator) and I was trying to think of something to say to brighten up what must have been a dismal day for him because today he was complaining about all the water that was on the floor after washing.

Side note: our rent is cheap for this neighborhood, so some stuff is not up to par. I don't really give a damn, but I just keep thinking if you don't like it here, leave. I'm here by chooice to save money and I live in a fabulous neighborhood, so my apartment doesn't have to be all that and a bag of chips. I'm happy to have a semi-functioning elevator and in-building laundry, but I guess everyone doesn't share my sunny outlook.

So in my third or fourth run up and down the elevator to check on my clothes, I pass grandpa in the hallway and get to the laundry room only to find out he's taken my damp clothes out of the dryer. (One dry doesn't usually do it, so I was coming back down to add some more quarters). Besides being furious and totally weirded out that a stranger had touched my personables, I was offended. He sees me at least twice a week and his ass KNEW those were my clothes and he couldn't wait the 60 seconds it took for me to come back down to take the clothes out myself.

I was going to wait in the laundry room and give him a piece of my mind, but it occurred to me that just him being his negative self is consequence enough. I just put my clothes in the other dryer and added more quarters to THAT dryer and I'm still having a happy positive night... while he's not.

P.S. Looks like I've got this positivity thing on lock this year y'all. YAY ME AND YAY GOD!


Kay* said...

sometimes it's not even worth it to comment to people...sometimes not commenting and being the bigger person (like you were) speaks volumes.


South Loop Social Light said...

Yes, having folks touch your stuff is very aggravating but you handled yourself well. Very nice.

b.enchanted said...

One day when you're old and therefore disgruntled, you'll look back on the old you- and frown. LOL

KindredSmile said...

This was very inspiring, cause I know that I wouldn't have been so gracious were I in this situation. Positivity is contagious - thanks!

T said...

@ B, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your comment. I was dying laughing.

K to the... said...

Yay T!!!