Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Put It Away

Ok, saying I'm obsessed with concealing clutter lately is like the understatement of the year. After assembling my bookcase, I realized that I have a lot of bookmarks that are just lying on the bookshelf all willy nilly. It looks horrible [to me].

So like I do for all my problems, I went to Google to figure out what to do with them and NO one had any blogs about organizing bookmarks. Well, one person did. She said go on a search, which is exactly what I did.

I found the following at Equinox on the Corner of Broadway and Roscoe in East Lakeview. It's good for window shopping because just like the woman in this Metromix review, they treated me like crap... maybe they only like boys. Hmph! Darn shame too, because I wanted to buy some stuff.

Below: This was the first thing I saw. I like the wide opening, but at $95 it actually costs more than I paid for my new bookshelf. That's doing the most for bookmark storage if you ask me.

Below: I really liked candle holder. It's green (trying to throw some green accents around the studio) and at $6 it would get the job done).

Below: This was one of my faves. It's $12 and I like the black& white (and the butterflies). It was long enought to hold my longer bookmarks.

Below: This reminded me of the one above. At $12.50 it's in the same price family, but with a different color and patten scheme. Oh, decisions, decisions.

Below: This is my absolute fave. It's so classy and bookmarks would look like works of art housed in here. However, it's $32.50, again doing the most for bookmark storage. It also wasn't long enough for some of my odd shaped bookmarks. It IS pretty though.

These next finds were at the Brown Elephant, my favorite high-end resale shop supporting the Howard Brown Health Centers.
Below: This is basic basket was $1. I didn't get it because it was too open for my tastes. It actually would have looked like like I just threw the bookmarks in there and didn't put any thought into it. I should have picked it up for bathroom storage though. I'll go back...

And last but not least on my shopping, I considered getting this $2 teacup to house my bookmarks. I wanted to put some art on it that said something like "Serving up a good read." Then I thought about the fact that I don't have any paint, brushes, nor a steady hand nor legible handwriting, so I left this beautiful little teacup there.
I also thought about buying a small version of Kay's monkey, but it's so white and my house accents are so dark and $22 + S&H is say it with me now "doing the most for bookmark storage."

All of that to say, I didn't buy anything, but I have my eyes peeled for the perfect little bookmark holder.

Are you all looking for anything odd that you can't find? Maybe I'll do a segment where I go through Lakeview shopping (maybe, maybe not). I really do enjoy looking even if I'm not buying anything.


South Loop Social Light said...

Wow, can't say that I've heard about anyone going on an extensive bookmark search. I'm glad that you were able to find a few decent options.

I've become obsessed with having a white house lately and been on the hunt for the perfect white furniture. Right now the mini parsons desk from West Elm is my must have item!

Kay* said...

my favourite option is the monkey (of course!) but i also like the green votive holder and the black holder with the butterfly cutouts. i think those are great options for display. if you really want to hide them away though you can put them in your desk.