Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment

Product: Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment
Price: $55 for 4.6 oz jar

I originally saw this deep conditioning treatment on one of Essence's beauty pages for dry hair. I bought it when I had a perm and if you've seen good hair (or happen to be a black woman), you know we spare no expense when it comes to having beautiful tresses.

It's a lumpy mixture (think fluffy pancakes) that you warm up in the palm of your hand to liquify then apply from root to tip. When I had a relaxer, it didn't work so well for me. It has a strong, sweet smell. Almost like the smell of cigars (if you're into cigars). I used a good chunk of it, but my hair still seemed thirsty after I washed and blow dried it.

You all know from using Miss Jessies to soften my feet that I don't throw products away just because they don't work. Especially not $55 worth of product. So this jar has traveled with me for nearly 4 years from apartment to apartment and recently I found out that it works really well on my natural hair. *tiger fist* YES!

I've been doing 2-strand twists and the first time I tried them my hair was super dry & brittle, the second time I did a homemade conditioner of olive oil, honey & tea tree oil. The homemade conditioner was ok, but I think I went overboard with the tea tree oil because my hair smelled like antiseptic & I think it actually stripped my hair's moisture.

The third time, I was scouring through my cabinets and found the Ojon. I figured it was worth another try. Having fabulous hair is all about trial and error. I'm happy to report that after using it my hair appeared softer and more moisturized. I highly recommend it (and follow the instructions people). Though I haven't used it regularly, it has lasted 4 years, so I think it's worth the $55 investment. If you can't do that ask for it for Christmas (that's how I got my first Miss Jessie's products).

So what are your favorite hair moisturizers? (If I don't know you or eKnow you let me know if you're natural or relaxed).


antithesis said...

when i was natural i liked mizani rose h2o until my hair got used to it. when i was a little girl, my mom used pink lotion and blue magic until my hair got used to it. basically, when i was natural, stuff didnt work or my hair got used to it. i didnt like carol's daughter's hair milk but i do now on my relaxed hair. i like silk elements silken child creme (available at sally's beauty supply) for braidouts on my relaxed hair and i bet my natural hair would have loved it too.

South Loop Social Light said...

I'm still playing around with different stuff to see what works for me. I don't think I've truly found a product that nourishes my natural hair...

The Real Housewife of Cook County said...

I love the mizani rose h2o product as well. I have used it on texlaxed (slightly texturized) as well as natural hair. It smells sooo good too. I am not good about doing my own hair though. I don't any patience at all when it comes to my own hair. This product looks great though. I have to try it.

Kay* said...

i'm lazy. i can say with absolutely no shame that 97% of the time I do absolutely nothing to my natural hair (not even wash it) - i leave that to my stylist. i just don't have the patience. i know she uses olive oil products and i believe...mizani? the other 3% of the time, when i do do it, i use what she uses.

Now that she's moved to miami until spring i may have to learn how to do my own hair...but i've learned a lot from her so i think i'll be okay...

Product Junkie Diva said...

I did try this product as well and it worked well as a pre shampoo treatment. I used it as a moisturizer also but the scent wasn't my favorite. Ojon has some nice products but I think I just feel in love with some items that work better. Darcy's botanicals has a daily leave in moisturizer that is great on my hair so Im rolling with that for now.

great review.

Brandy B. said...

I am natural. I like Neutrogena Triple Moisture shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer altough I'm not using it right now. When I run out of the Giovanni shampoo/conditioner-which I think is ok-I will go back. I also use Kinky Curly Knot Today which I just may keep around.

I make my own shea butter mix for extra moisture and I use essential oils too. I like mixing my own stuff.

javieth said...

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Jason Mandrix said...


I like Neutrogena Triple Moisture shampoo, air and moisture, although I do not use. I use it as a moisturizer does not smell, but I prefer. In short, when it was natural, something that does not work if my hair used to it. I dislike hair milk Carol's daughter, but now I know that my hair relaxed. I've also heard about permanent hair removal treatment for the benefits of those who are having beards :D its kinda not nice of having such beard especially to a woman right?

Best Regards,