Monday, November 9, 2009 Date #2

I'll be happy to report that the second date was MUCH better. We went to lunch (I learned my lesson about giving up a Friday night to someone I don't know). Another great thing about lunch is that is has a start and end time.

The guy was 35, divorced, lives in the city. He worked in finance for a non-profit goverment agency more or less and had a lot to talk about.

And since seems to be all about firsts (I paid for my first meal on a date last time. Womp.) I'll admit this was my first date with a White guy.

He paid for lunch. The conversation was great. He told me a lot about his job and the housing and banking industry that I didn't know. (I love learning new stuff and I appreciate men who have more formal knowledge than me. Makes me feel safe.)

The only problem is there were no butterflies. Now, we only had an hour, so I'm not sure how many sparks can fly over a salad and a baguette, but I didn't get sparks and anyone who knows me knows I need sparks. He IS attractive. Not my type at all. Not because he's white, but because I just like guys that look like they should be in music videos. Model/athlete types. He just didn't fit that. He's more Matthew Broderick, less Justin Timberlake.

We shall see how this one plays out. Since I'm all of a sudden an open book, I might keep you all posted. ;P

***UPDATE*** He never called after our lunch date. I didn't call him either, but I tend to let men take the reigns, so if he didn't call, I'm assuming he wasn't interested. Sad.


Kay* said...

so glad to hear date number 2 was at least better. are there more dates to blog? (hoping the answer is yes). i've dated a white guy before. i think he had more butterflies than i did though so it didn't last too long -but still, every now and then i wonder what if i would have allowed myself to get over the 'stigma' and just go with it.

love that you're sharing your experiences!

South Loop Social Light said...

It happens. Sparks are instantaneous, they aren't something that need to develop. I'm glad you were able to at least have a nice lunch full of great convo. A vast improvement over the other date...

antithesis said...

love that u snagged a white guy and u were open-minded. hate that he didnt call. he fails...glad this went better than ur outing with gramps