Monday, November 2, 2009 The Basics

So your girl tried Not to worry, my membership ended long enough ago for you nosey people not to be able to find my profile. The entire experience was absolutely hilarious and I'd totally [read: maybe] do it again.

My next few posts will be dedicated to the experience. (Haven't you all been asking me to do dating entries for the longest?) Anyway, here are some basics:

Cost - It costs $16.99 per month if you do 6-months. They charge you for all of it upfront instead of month-to-month. If you just want to do one month, it's $34.99.

Winks - Match starts with a 3-day free trial at which point you can wink at people for free (you have to be a paid member to send e-mails). It's just like a facebook poke. It's total flirting and it keeps your feelings in tact instead of having to send a full e-mail and risk someone rejecting you. I love winks, but a lot of people on Match hated them. I figured no harm, no foul...

E-mails - This works just like you Facebook e-mail inbox. You can also have it set up so a notice comes to your personal e-mail account when someone sends you a Match e-mail, but for obvious safety reasons, you won't just e-mail people from your personal account.

Profile - Ah... the profile. The top is a short headline (Think: How you doin'), followed by your basic stats (age, height, hair color, eye color, religion, city, St). There are some canned questions on the left hand side (Where do you work, what do you like to do, etc). Then on the right side there's an open-ended 4000 character description of yourself. All of this has to be approved by Match, so nothing pornographic and no personal info can be distributed.

Profile Pics - Your main pic is just to the left of your basic stats. You can add up to 25 pics. It's a good idea to have pics hanging out in different settings, so people won't think your vampy going to the club look or your suited up going to church/work/a funeral look is how you look every day.

Match is like the Lottery, you gotta play to win and it's like Twitter the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. I'm not going to lie after those first couple of weeks (when my profile stopped being advertised as NEW), the winks and e-mails slowed down and I actually forgot to log-in sometimes because it got a little boring.

So, those are the basics. Hope you're ready for a journey. I have some stories to tell!!!


antithesis said...

my experience on dating sites was super lame to the point id never blog about it. maybe cuz the sites were free w/ no psycho filters. cant wait to read all the posts in this series.

Kay* said...

oh i'm SO ready to hear the stories. I've been thinking of giving it (or another site) a try so I'd love to hear your HONEST feedback and stories!

b.enchanted said...

Oh boy... I don't think I'm ready.

JOE CASTRO said...

i am glued to your blog; i have to know where this is going!