Thursday, November 5, 2009 and (gasp) RACE

The Race Question

I already know for sure I don't want to date anyone who isn't a Christian. Some people can do cross-religional marriages. I just can't. (Side note: Did I just make the word religional up?). Back to the story: I don't, however, know if I'd like to date outside of my race or not. In general, I'm not attracted to every race. Chris Rock said it best. Black women will give a Jude Law looking white guy a chance, but George from friends is not going to get any action from sistas.

Nevermind Chris Rock, I'd like to think that I'm evolved. That I don't think that love only comes in one color, but another part of me is like are you trying to force yourself to date outside of your race by not picking African-American on the ethnicity chart in your preferences?

Then, of course, I ran into some white dudes on Match who seem to be infatuated with sisters. Love is great. Infatuation with one race over another is not.

I also got SO offended when guys were looking for everything but black women. Or when they just had one race of woman (no matter what it was).

I actually told a guy (via Match e-mail) that I couldn't wink back at him because even though he'd winked at me he didn't have Black/African descent checked on what he's looking for and I'm definitely black. (You can call me an asshole if you want to, but WTH I look like dating a guy who literally said he was interested in every race of women except Black women).

Digressing, back to the point. When people only checked one race at first I thought, wow, how close-minded can you be? But I can't judge them. I actually don't think it's wrong. If they were out at a bar/club/church/picnic/Borders/the grocery store, chances are they'd only see the race of people they were looking for, so why should I hold people to any other standards just because it's online.

It's sad though, 'cause there were some Jude Law looking homies on there could've come up on an open-minded sista. *sigh*

Please tune in tomorrow as I give line-by-line details of my first date. Trust me, it's a must-read.


antithesis said...

yea, im lookin forward to tomorrow. that's where my real interest lies. it's a good thing u checked ol boys profile b4 winking back b/c had it been me and he was cute, i woulda winked and then read up on him. i think that was my downfall on the free dating sites. oh well. that's why all potential folks get my yahoo info b/c if theyre annoying, it dont matter b/c i dont put my real friends on there.

RB said...

I actually thought about cross-religional... marriage the other day... I was thinking, "Self, what if my husband is Jewish?" What religion would we raise our children? I couldn't convert because I'm not giving up bacon for anybody...this includes high blood pressure which I'm probably doomed to have. Then I remembered, I believe the kids wouldn't be Jewish because to be Jewish your mother has to be born Jewish...I think? That would be my argument for my husband, but I'd totally raise them learning about both religions..expanding their horizons, and letting them choose in the end I suppose. This is getting long, so I shall

The Real Housewife of Cook County said...

I'm glad you told ole boy about himself. You will not be dating me if you don't wanna date a Black woman. I never understood how ppl can be the exception to someone's rule. when it's something like that.

Elle Willa said...

this is soo true. My personal favorite though is black men or black/mixed men that aren't looking for black women. Hmm.