Monday, November 30, 2009

The Morning After

I don't know what the next morning after a drunken party night is like for you, but for me it's pure hilarity. It's actually just as much fun as the night before. I run through my drunk tweets, my drunk texts and try to remember what the other nonsense I got into that wasn't documented.

I woke up with the biggest bag of Harold's chicken you've ever seen on my countertop. I found a chicken bone on the floor and there are random pieces of chicken skin in random places: on the bed, on the couch, in my linen drawer. (Side note: my girls pre-gamed at my house and came back to my house afterwards to partake in the deep fried goodness that is several 4-pieces with salt, pepper and mild sauce. I didn't eat all that chicken by myself).

Last night I hugged a girl I really don't know too well, super hard because I thought she was her friend. Then when I actually saw her friend I REALLY hugged the hell outta her. I know they were probably like... this drunk broad (Hopefully they were drunk too, that typically cancels out any weirdness).

I vaguely recall the bouncers screaming at everyone to leave the club (you know we like to loiter), but it sounded like a faint whisper and surprisingly it wasn't as irritating as it usually is. Thank you vodka.

I gave my number to a guy from OK at Harolds because my best friend lives there. I think I said something like "my best friend lives there, take my number." (I really don't know though, LMAO).

I told my girl she could park in front of my house for about an hour without getting a ticket or getting towed. There is a loading dock in front on my place, but you have to go up onto a low curb to get to it. She sat there for like 5 minutes asking me over & over if it was ok to go on the curb. I just remember getting yes out between teary, shoulder-jerking laughs. At one point I just started nodding my head - I couldn't make any words out laughing so hard.

And last, but not least, for some reason, the sound didn't work on my cable when we got back from the club Friday night. On Saturday morning I vaguely remembered that from Friday night, but I thought it was just because I was drunk and incoherent. It's not the TV, because the sound works fine on DVDs. I'm convinced that his has something to do with being in a house full of drunk & hot girls at 3 o'clock in the morning, but I have no proof.


antithesis said...

sounds like fun times

Lteefaw said...

OMG!!! You are so makin me miss home right now. I haven't had a two piece dark with mild sauce in YEARS!!

K to the... said...

YESS! Drunks nights with friends are always fun!

ThummyB said...

I am soooo mad that I missed that good time. Please let it be known that I will be in town the weekend before Christmas and ther weekend of New Years...hopefully I will get to see my girls this holiday season.

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

I wake up to random ridiculous pics on my phone and camera. It's fun growing up. Getting toasted can just be fun sometimes, given that you are with the right people. But chicken skin on the bed, LOL, I probably would have ate it when I woke up knowing my greedy self.

Kismet said...

LMAO! Just saw this. Hee to the tee hee hee!