Thursday, October 22, 2009

Two-Strand Twists

IMO, my hair was wack all last winter. I'm too fabulous to let that happen again, so I had to figure something out. I thought about wearing it straight all winter, but I really can't afford the hair appointments anymore and I like being able to sleep until 7... 7:30... hell 8 a.m. on a bad day and still get to work on time. 45 minute to 1 hour flat-ironing sessions cut right into my good sleep time and that's not ok.

Not to mention it precipitates WAY too much in Chicago for straight hair to be a sustainable option for me. It's more of a special occassion or I want a new haircut type of thing.

So I decided to try two-strand twists. My cousin who has locs did them for me once before and they looked fabulous, but it took all day to do and I don't know that either of us have that much time on a regular basis. So I decided to (gasp) try to do them myself.

I was scared because I literally just have a lot of hair. Even with a perm I could never feel a brush against my scalp. It's just thick and dense and anything besides wash-n-go is a daunting task. (Ask anyone who's ever spent hours styling my hair).

But the recession will turn you into a DIY-er. With no money to go to the shop and no excuses for looking a mess, I turned to YouTube - A natural sister's hair haven - to get some techniques. Actually, I started at Motown girl, then to Youtube.

I WAS going to post the videos I used, but I underestimated how many people post to YouTube daily and I can't find the videos I used anymore. This post is getting long, but tune in tomorrow to read about my "technique" (for lack of a better word).

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antithesis said...

i first got two-strand twists a LONG time ago. i think it was still the 90s. so by 2002, i stopped going to my aunt and started doing them myself. they used to be sooooo cute. my bf at the time asked me to do his w/ his huge head...anyway, my hair texture changed from pressing too much and i hated the way they looked by 2007. i say all that to say, be super careful with straightening so your twists can keep looking fly!