Friday, October 23, 2009

Two-Strand Twists Tutorial (Well, Sort Of)

Here's how I figured out how to do my own two-strand twists: This is sort of long, so I bolded the highlights for those who aren't interested in reading the whole thing.

1. Watched Youtube Video 1: I found someone who was cute who's video was about 5-6 minutes.(She washed and conditioned combing through her hair in the shower, parted her hair into 4 sections, used a spray moisturizer (Carol's Daughter mixed with Infusium mixed with some other expensive sounding something), then wrapped two strands of hair around each other like regular braids, but using two strands of hair instead of three. Then she used loc butter to secure the two strands in place). After watching, I decided that her hair texture is NOTHING like mine and while the info was helpful, I need to find another video.

2. Watched Youtube Video 2: I found someone who's hair texture looked like mine, who's video is about 5-6 minutes and watched it. (She washed and conditioned her hair combing through in the shower, parted her hair into 4 sections, then wrapped two sections of the hair around each other like regular braids, but using two strands of hair instead of three. She used a mix of heated olive oil and shea butter to simultaneously moisturize and secure the two strands in place.)

I don't have to bust out an IGAP test booklet to show you that I found a pattern. Wash, Comb Through and Condition, Section Hair into 4, Moisturize, Twist, Secure Twists. So I went into my bathroom to see what I was working with. I found some braid spray from when I had cornrows last winter (moisturizer) and some gel from my every day wash-n-go (security).

I followed the process on a Saturday night and it took about 2 and a half hours. I took a break to wash dishes, big mistake. I'd suggest doing it all the way through to avoid fatigue. The twists were so fluffy and cute. Sorry, I don't own a camera, so I don't have any pics. But the real test of time was what it would look like in the morning, because I have major hair shrinkage.

No matter how long my hair is, it always looks the same short length because it shrinks up. So I went to bed and on Sunday the morning the style was... decent. Not really go to work or church cute, but if-I-had-to-go-to-Walgreens-no-one-would-notice-my-hair-wasn't-fly-decent.

I stayed in the house that day watching football, then Monday morning I decided to untwist them making the style a "Twist-Out." And this was the best. They looked like a straw set with a perm or the way my wash-n-go looks everyday when it's wet. Again, the test of time was how it would look the next day.

I'm happy to report on Tuesday morning it still looked good! To me a twist-out with natural hair is just like a roller set when I had a perm. If I tie it up at night, it'll look good in the morning and it goes through curl iterations. I absolutely love textured styles, so needless to say, this'll be my style all winter.

I'll put up a pic as soon as I can steal one from Facebook.


antithesis said...

Ugh! Where was this info when I was natural?! And it only took u 2 hours? See I was slow then, 4-5 hours. One time I did my hair and I swear it was like 7 hours.

K to the... said...

Yess! I did he same thing all summer, but since I still have some color on my tips, the hair on the end doesn't stay twisted like it does at the root, so I have to add the flexirods on the end. This results in my curly 'fro/puff/whateva whatevas! Hopefully when the color is gone, I won't need the rods.

Shantae said...

Wassup Cuz!

Had to chime in on the natural hair post as I've been "dealing with" mine since the end of summer (had to get MENTALLY prepared). Anyhoo...I consult the internet for assistance as well, specifically and CN is the most user friendly but both have a wealth of info on styling, product reviews, and most imporant SUPPORT on natural hair. I've learned alot about my hair and how my hair responds to alot of products, the best one being that my hair was porous so it had no act-right about itself. I hope these sites can provide some info/help on this here natural journey.

Much Love!