Thursday, October 15, 2009

Stop The Violence: Part 2 (Cont.)

(Yesterday's post was so long, so I broke it up). Sorry... I have a lot to say. Read yesterday's here first.


A day or so after the killing, the mother of one of the boys who was charged with the murder said her son has been fighting for his life for the past three years. (Why didn't you take him out of that school then, ma'am?) She said "with all due respect to his family" Derrion may not have been as innocent as the media is painting him out to be because you can see him in the video throwing a punch and that if her sons had not of fought they may be dead right now (I'm paraphrasing).

Then yesterday I saw a newspaper article with a boy who was in the fight and got his eye busted out saying the fight was between the kids from Altgeld Gardens and kids from the "Ville." (The Ville is in Chicago's Roseland neighborhood, where big Mike hails from, the hood of all hoods, it's worst than the west side and don't let Big Mike tell you different, ok let me be serious). Kids from the gardens had to start going to Fenger after Chicago made their neighborhood school, Carver, a military academy. Kids from Fenger don't like kids from the Gardens. Kids from the Gardens claim kids from Fenger start stuff with them and vice versa. (Sound like Houston and New Orleans after Katrina doesn't it?)

So as these kids from the Gardens are walking to their bus stop, they're being chased by kids from Fenger who ultimately want them to un-enroll from Fenger. And according to sources the chasing, almost fighting and actual fighting happens daily. So as to say "my impoverished neighborhood is better than your impoverished neighborhood."

Then today (the day I wrote this anyway) I saw a story on the news that said the parents of the kids from Altgeld Gardens marched (of all things to damn do) to Carver Academy to demand that their kids be let into the school (which didn't work). THEN they marched to Fenger to demand that their kids be let OUT of the school (which also didn't work). What happened is that another fight broke out. Yup, kids from Fenger started fighting parents of the Altgeld Gardens kids. (from what I can make out from the video and news reports)

It's like the blind leading the blind, which is exactly the problem. I'm not judging the parents. No one deserves to have their kids in a dangerous situations. I'm just making a point you can't you can't build without tools. Marches are not change agents in 2009. How can a march, some Walgreens posterboard signs, screaming and a megaphone convince a young man or woman that they have a future.It can't.

But I can.

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