Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stop The Violence: Part 1

I went long enough without saying something, but you all know I've got to talk about this violence in Chicago. I guess I'm going to dedicate a couple of posts to it because I've got a lot to say. Today will be the basics on how I FEEL about all the violence and the "reaction" to the violence.

1. I hate when people call crime "black-on-black." Aren't most crimes committed by people of the same race (unless it's a hate crime). When Columbine happened no one called it white-on-white crime. I just want people to think before they speak. Would you rather it be black-on-white crime. How is calling a crime black-on-black adding to or detracting from the story. I just don't see the point of using that phrase.

2. Marches do not now, nor have they ever changed anything. The action that people take before and after marches is what makes a real difference. More on this tomorrow...

3. I want people to stop fucking complaining. Yes, I completely spelled out the f-word and I completely meant all seven letters of that filthy word because that's how I feel right now. When people in Chicago don't get help, they complain. When help comes to Chicago, they complain that help didn't come quick enough or it's the wrong kind of help or it's not ennough help or worst that it's just for publicity, which leads me to my next point.

4. STOP LOOKING FOR HELP. It's not coming. I'm definitely feeling the pull yourself up by your bootstrap argument in this case. If our moms ever taught us anything, they taught us "if you want something done right you have to do it yourself." Embrace that cliche, proverb, whatever you want to call it. It's true. The government, the church, the schools, not even the parents are going to swoop in and fix this right away.

5. STOP SCREAMING ON TV. Get a hold of your got damn emotions. No one wants to talk to your anger. They want to talk to you - a cool, calm, collected individual with common sense and critical thinking ability. If you lack any of these you aren't worth having a conversation with. Use language as a weapon, not raised voices and angry pitches. You look a mess and no ones listening once you start hollering.

6. Do something NOW. I mean do anything. If you can't do what you want to do, donate money to an agency who is doing something. If you have a plan that's going to take a while to implement, talk to a little cousin, brother, niece, nephew. Parent a child that's not yours, mentor. Something. Because all of this talking is making me weak.

And the news isn't getting any better, more on that tomorrow


Anonymous said...

i feel all of this!!! u ain't never lied!

South Loop Social Light said...

"Stop screaming on TV" made me smile lol. Nice post.