Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Match.com Final Stats

I almost had a third date, but dude called to re-schedule on me the day of because he "didn't want me to have to wait for him after I got off work" (I got off 45 minutes before him and it must've been too much pressure for him... LOSER!) I didn't return his scheduling calls. He just didn't seem that into going on a date with me. I won't go into the whole story, but it's like shit or get off the pot. I don't have time for the back and forth.

I'm sad to say this is the end of my Match.com journey (not that the journey itself was ACTUALLY that much fun, but the blog comments and phone calls and texts I've gotten about it have been so entertaining. Thank you all for that.)

In closing, my Match stats are:

28 days on Match.com

My profile was viewed 549 times by 271 people.

17 people winked at me.

I e-mailed back and forth with 9 of the people who winked at me

Out of those nine people I went on 2 dates and had 3 conversations with 1 extremely lame dude that never materialized into a date (see above). He was so weird, I just KNEW he would have given me blog material for a week, but oh well.

So... was it worth it? Sure... I guess. It kept you all entertained for a couple of posts, right? and if I ever want to throw a pity party, the SLIM offerings on Match.com will give me plenty of material to work with, but I had fun... so yes, I guess it was worth it. Next time I have $34.99 to spare though, I'm going to buy a cardigan at H&M.

Also, if I ever get serious about online dating, I'm going to try e-harmony. Let them analyze the hell outta me and give me someone's who actually fits (though I've recently heard horror stories about that site too... womp).

Hope you all enjoyed the series.

P.S. Let me know if you want me to do a Tea's top 10 tips for online dating. If one person wants it, I'll do it, but if no one's interested, no need in writing it out. :)


antithesis said...

what the hell?! how have i missed this? anyway. take that $35 over to zara instead. better quality. speaking of which, i should have just gotten that cardigan i saw today.

South Loop Social Light said...

I've always heard that match.com was for dating while e-harmony was the place to go for a husband.

T said...

FYI, I mistakenly posted this early on 10/24 and Anthithesis and SLSL posted these comments... (at which point I promptly took it down)

Drafts were actin' up.