Tuesday, October 27, 2009

If Ti Ruled the World

#iMustAdmit Every song that has an I in it, I put "Ti" in it. Makes it that much better [to me].

Anywho on some pure randomness this is how things would go if Ti ruled the world.

- Public Transportation would always be on time (no matter what side of the city you lived on)
- There would be peace (especially on the 3rd world streets of Chicago)
- All women would have perfectly tailored clothes, well maintained manis & pedis, & precise dye jobs (make-up would still be optional)
- All men would be chilvalrous
- All women who's stomachs hang over their pants, will be required to wear empire waist shirts until they get that situation handled. (Skinny girls included... the muffin top will be extinct)
- No one would cheat on anything EVER: taxes, SOs, spouses, Spades... no cheating!
- Every time someone lied a black comedian would jump out of the shadows and say "you bullshittin'"
- People could leave work when they got done. No more sitting somewhere 8 hours for no reason. To that same end, people with kids or spouses wouldn't leave single people in the office to do all the damn work. You get done, you leave. You're not done, you don't leave.
- Everyone (and I mean everyone) would have have healthcare and mental health would be mandatory. Oh yes, go sit your issue-having ass on someone's couch so you can stop destroying the world (or getting on my nerves, either way).
- True hatred (not to be confused with envious haterism) would be punished by turning you into the thing or person you hate the most. Hate blacks, now you're black (and you won't get any loans or cabs quickly either). Hate Arabs, now you're Arab. Hate Women, here comes your period...

Question of the Day: So what would happen if YOU ruled the world?


KindredSmile said...

LMAO @ the mental pic of the comedian jumpin out - that made my morning. I'd like to live in a world such as yours, though I'd add that people who swear they can cook, yet somehow burn boiled water, would be flogged.

Anonymous said...

lol love your list!

I ruled the world i would add the abiilty to eat without gaining weight but that would be in the fairytale edition!