Thursday, October 1, 2009

Beware: "Card Services"

I was at work minding my own business and I got a call from a recording talkin' 'bout: The new laws due to the stimulus package can lower your credit card APR to 4.9%. I didn't quite catch the company name, but I pressed the button to talk to a real live person.

A rude African-American male on the other end, greeted me. I said where are you calling from, he said Card Services. I said the name of your company is "Card Services"? And you're not calling from any company in particular? He's like no.

I said I'm confused. He literally said, I don't see what you don't understand.

I'm like ok then, give me your schpiel (how do you spell that word anyway). He starts reading a script and then he said how much do you have on your cards and what are their interests rates, so we can see if we can help you.

Now, I know what you're thinking, Tea, you should have hung up two sentences ago. But I REALLY wanted to see what he was talking about and there wasn't any harm in giving balances and rates to a stranger (with no identifying info attached). Sallie Mae also has my work number instead of my home number, so I was hopeful that "Card services" had gotten my number for a legit source and that it was the real deal. So I gave him some balances... And he was like, oh you don't qualify, you're not paying that much in interest.

So I was like well if I DID qualify, who are you again? He was like oh no, you don't qualify, so that's it. (Like the conversation was over because he was done... he doesn't know me that well). So I'm like did you say it was a new federal law? Can I call my CC directly and get this low rate? I mean, help a sister out.

*insert gay man who's trying to act like he's straight voice* No ma'am. I. did not. SAY anything about the federal government, we are calling from CARD SERVICES.

Tea: So... How did you get my number again?
Decepticon: *Huffs* From Experian.
Tea: So Experian just gave you my number?
Down low brother: Yes!
Tea: Ok then, can you put me on your do not call list?
Real&Chance sounding dude: Click.

I wish I'd written down the number on my caller ID to report these fools. When I got home I checked and sure enough, it's a scam. I used to be a telemarketer, so I know it's a law that when someone says put me on your do not call list, they have to take your name and phone number and possibly do a recording.

Scamming rat bastards!

Beware peeps. Don't give your credit card numbers or personal info to anyone over the phone, especially if they call you.


b.enchanted said...

That's just ridiculous. I can't believe he got more than 24 seconds with you.
The word is spiel.

antithesis said...

lmao @ "deception" and "real & chance sounding dude". *faints*

TatooTuesday said...

I remember working for a place like this. Once I found out they were trying to swindle people and take advantage I quit after 3 weeks. 2 weeks of training and one on the floor.