Monday, September 21, 2009

Support Your Girl!!!

In about two weeks I will be walking in AIDS Walk/Run Chicago. If you're reading this right now, I want YOU to donate $1 to sponsor me in the run. I'm not kidding. Just a buck (you can donate more if you'd like, but I'm seriously only asking you for $1).

The money will go directly to the Chicago Women's AIDS Project, the only gender specific AIDS organization in the Chi. Your $1 will go towards the following:

1. Medicine
2. Groceries (hard to take care of your immune system when you're not eating)
3. Child Care
4. Transporation to get to medicine, groceries, child care and support groups all of which are vital to the survival of the 150 women in Chicago who use CWAP's services.

Can you help?
Will you help?
Please, please, please!!!!

Find out more information and donate here.


antithesis said...

i gave $2 cuz i like even numbers... would give more if i was working somewhere.

T said...

@antithesis, girl you are hilarious. I've heard you talk about even numbers before and it's funny every time.

Thank you SO much for the donation!!!!