Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rosary Beads


I've noticed young urban males wearing rosary beads, traditional and decorative. I asked my facebook friends what this was about. Either a rapper did it or everyone is converting to catholicism.

Answers were:

1. Rappers started it
2. They've been doing this in Harlem since 2004, but it just now catching in Chicago
3. In Atlanta, it's a gang symbol

Um... really? Rosary beads are Catholic prayers beads. I'm not even Catholic, but I'm very offended. You don't see Jewish people wearing crosses or Muslim wearing 6-point stars (the 6-point star is a gang symbol in Chicago too, now that I think about it). Religious symbolism shouldn't be pop culture (or gang-affiliated) and I wish people would stop doing stuff just because a rapper did it. It's sickening, blasphemous and downright groupie-ish.

PSA: Originality is not dead. Just because you're on Twitter, doesn't mean you have to be a follower. Stop trying to be like everyone else. Thanks, mgmt.

Question of the day: Has this stupid trend picked up in your city?


antithesis said...

idk, i dont pay that much attention to these dc kids but honestly, what wont they do? everyone grew locs and started wearing skinny jeans tryna look like wayne so if wayne breaks out the rosary beads, it's pretty much a done deal. like they went as far as to wear bandanas on their back pockets and were neither bloods nor crips, just failures...ugh, sickining.

b.enchanted said...

I haven't seen this, but yeah, pretty offensive. I just wish in general that kids would attempt to understand the meaning behind something before they follow suit.

b.enchanted said...

Oh wait, Real got some Rosary Beads from one of his women on Real Chance of Love... not that I'm watching or anything.

PyT said...

Yeah, I don't know who started it but I think it was a rapper... but whoever his stylist is/was or how he thought it was cool.. #FAIL. Very offended.

CBW said...

those black and white scarves folks were wearing are also a religious item...i am offended that people dont respect other cultures' religious icons.

Luvvie said...

I'm so irritated that people cheapen others' religious symbols all in the name of trends. And CBW is right. There's a reason I don't partake in that scarf trend.

UGH. We lack respect in all forms.

T said...

I haven't seen the black and white scarves (I don't think). Someone send me a pic.

P.S. I'm in NYC this week. I was in Times Square and spotted a cuties. Saw some blue and silver rosary beads on his neck and had to keep it moving. DAMN SHAME!

Reese said...

*strecthes out, yawns, takes off shoes* i think i saw lil wayne with it once, and you know young hood dudes (who now have locs, and piercings in their eyes and lips) WORSHIP him, even worse the women do and thats why the dudes do it. Cant blame the stylist (too much) cause they just tryin stuff, if it catches, it catches but you gotta blame these sheep out here who have no creativity of their own and wait for a rapper to do something and then they do. remember not too many years ago wearing tight pants was "gay" now they all lookin like they on the yard tryin to get chose with they asses hanging out over tight jeans