Saturday, September 26, 2009

RHOA Round-Up

Ok, I had to catch RHOA on Demand this weekend, but I must speak on it.

1. That white woman is not Kim's friend. She's telling her that big papa loves her, that she's going to get a ring and overall just making it seem like sleeping with a married man is normal and acceptable. Real friends call you out on your bullshit.

2. Kim got work done on her lips and it looks a HOT mess.

3. Where the hell is Sheree's accent from? It's not southern, it's not flat like the Midwest, there's nothing East coast about it. But her diction is Horrible. It's not Tinah and Trorah bad, but she just has a hard time with some sounds. Like she says fabulous like faba-liss. WTF is that?

4. Why does NeNe keep saying she's writing a book. She's telling an author her life story and the author is writing the book. Anyone who can talk can do that. Everyone's been through something...

5. Them pink stretchpants on a man. Um... no boo!

6. Did Kim just say she was independent? Hold the phone. She is SINGLE. She is not Independent. Again, this is why college is so important.

7. Tania needs to shut the hell up and stop riding Sheree's man parts. Thanks!

8. Wait, was that a man or woman on the pole?

9. NeNe is a mess. I mean she was arguing with Kandi about nothing. Definitely showing her true colors. Her feelings were hurt that Kim didn't want her on the song. Say that. Don't get mad at Kandi. How are they going to be put her in between their mess. Kandi should have looked NeNe in the face and said "This ain't that."


antithesis said...

i took issue with kim callin on the assistant/nanny/random black woman she employs to control her over-weight kid. that kid should not begetting a cupcake, not b/c she's thick but b/c she's not well-behaved. but kim, you're "a damn good mother", right? stfu, tramp!

b.enchanted said...

1. Kim's friend is cosigning, because she wants to stay in the circle of trust, and she knows Kim will do it anyway. Ain't mad at her..LOL
3. If you say Tinah and Trorah one more time...hilarious.
8. A man. I was quite uncomfortable watching it.
9. I can't stand Nene. She's so full of herself it's ridiculous. She came hard at Kandi bc she knew Kandi wouldn't go back and forth with her, thus making her look/feel like she won the argument.

Lee said...

Ditto on all of that. I liked Nene last season, but this season she is wearing me thin. I think all the pub she's gotten has gone to her head and she performin' for the camera. And yes, the guys in these skin tight pants and pumps have to go.

ThummyB said...

Co-sign on much of what was already said...

1. Nene has lost her d@mn mind and needs to go sat down somewhere. She used to seem 'real' and she's just petty and insecure. She needs to practice being a grown up and get some business.

2. Kim is such a poor unfortunate soul. I think that she could use an actual daddy to help her learn to value herself and stop all of this foolishness.

3. Actually kinda loving Kandi. Not as boring as Deshawn, but also not so much for the drama. Loved the...'Bring it on down' line 'cause what you're NOT gonna raise your voice at me.

Jo said...

died a thousand deaths @ #7. i thought i was the only one picking up on how hard she's jocking sheree. she's definitely trying to make her presence known to be part of season 3. smh. tragic.