Monday, September 28, 2009

Quote of the Day

Friend: "Remember that guy who said he was shy and he took your number and didn't call."
T: Yeah
Friend: "He's not shy so much as he's in a relationship with someone else."
T: Oh.
Friend: "Yeah, I was just at their housewarming last weekend."

I'm SO glad he didn't call me. Still kinda touched he didn't tell me he had a girl. I could've spent the evening talking to someone else. Wasting damn time! Hmph!


antithesis said...

first a married man w/ a kid and now this a**hole? wow, girlie, that's gotta be annoying.

K to the... said...

Being single...the gift (comical, nonsensical auss men) & the curse (comical, nonsensical auss men).

Happy Monday!

Lee said...

Laughs. That is definitely a quote of the day.

la said...

Was it necessary for your friend to give you an update? LOL

T said...

@la, Girl, yes. We run in the same circles, so I'm definitely going to see this fella again. No need in getting my face cracked twice.

TatooTuesday said...

Hahahaha, was this the dude from the party I was at with the brown Tommy Hilfiger polo on. You shoulda known from when he was wearing Tommy in 2009.