Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Perfect Sunday

My internet was down at home over the weekend, so I didn't get a chance to post this up on Monday, but I did have a perfect Sunday, so I wanted to share.

Real talk, this is more to remind me of good weekends than to entertain y'all, so sorry if it's boring.

8:45 Early morning church service. (I was 45 minutes late, but glad I made it).
11:00 Brunch at Lou Mitchell's with thummyb and PJ
1:00 headed to the 'burbs
2:00 Hung out with my mom
3:00 Bear game
6:00 Bears win
1100 Made it home (despite the Tornado rains)



South Loop Social Light said...

It sounds very relaxed but that's what weekends (Sundays in particular) are all about. We work so much during the week it's nice to have time to yourself and be able to do however much (or little) you want.

ThummyB said...

Oh snap...mom's cooked? Shut up!