Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Only Profession Where Everyone Knows What You Do

So I was at a hood house party for @antp2g, TattooTuesday (TT) and Kendall's birthday. There were so many things wrong at this party that I don't even have time to go into it. It was nonstop funny though. Here's ONE of many funny situations:

So, me and some of my girls were sitting in the dining room and all the fellas start man-hugging this one dude who came to the party like they hadn't seen him in years. My girls who were with me this night, didn't go to HS with me, so they didn't know most of the crew. One girl started coughing and was like "Did he go to school with you all." I'm like no, I don't know who that is.

So she's like he's a stripper. I start rollin' then I ask if he was good. She was like yeah (reminiscing). LMAO! So, I turn towards Mike (4S) and I'm like who is the cock diesel dude (he was, indeed, swoll in the arm and chest area)? Mike says some name I don't remember and takes a swig of water. I then say "you know he's a stripper right?" Mike, after almost choking on said swig of water starts dying laughing and shakes his head yes.

So, an hour or so goes by and TT comes past and asks me"What would you do if you saw a guy who was a stripper at a party that had nothing to do with stripping." He said men would ignore it if it was a female stripper, but apparently one of the female houseguests went right up to dude and said "You used to perform, right?"

Oh the hilarity!!!! But that's not even the best part. I was standing in one of the doorways and dude was getting ready to leave the party. So I don't know him, but he starts dapping up everyone around me. He DAPS up Mike and says he's about to go to work. The conversation went like this:

Dude: Yeah, I'm about to go to work.
Mike: Oh yeah, you about to wang out witcha thang out?
Dude: Naw, man I told you I don't do that anymore
Mike: What? Rock out with ya cock out?
Dude: Naw, man, c'mon cut that out
Mike: Or is it twang out witcha thang out? Hang out withcha wang out? **talkin' to someone else** He about to go rock out with his cock out.

I swear he said it about 10 times.



K to the... said...

LMAO! Why is Mike so ignant!?!

Now I'm trying to remember all the menses who were there to see who could be the former performer....

b.enchanted said...

Mike's stupid. I love it.

Afenya said...

That is probably the funniest thing that I have ever heard. Rock out wit ya cock out?!!!! LOLOLOL

TatooTuesday said...

Classic moment. And ya'll put both of my guys out there BOGUS!!