Friday, September 18, 2009

LOL @ Blockbuster

So in my family we're a bunch of movie buffs. We LOVE movies, almost as much as we love comedy. That's just how we get down as a family watching movies back to back to back. So when I was a teenager (I think) we took a movie back to Blockbuster, but it had a movie from our collection in it. When BB noticed the mistake, they called my mom and she returned their movie and got our movie back.

They then attempted to charge her $60 for having the movie an extra couple of weeks. She didn't pay it. She argued, and rightfully so, that it was an honest mistake and since they had her movie all that time, we should break even. They disagreed. BB are franchises, so the manager had the choice to make a valued customer happy or charge us money for a video we thought we'd turned in. He made the wrong decision.

Ever since then, I don't support BB. Sure, if a friend has a BB card, I'll go half on a movie, but I never got a membership. Not even in college when movie watching was the thing to do. The family now supports Hollywood and Family Video and I have Netflix. Yes, it's been nearly 15 years since this bad customer service occurred, but in my old age (LOL!) no one gets two chances to screw me over. I just don't play that.

So when I went to yahoo's homepage and saw this article about how BB's not doing so hot, I smiled coyly... then I really laughed out loud. Companies that treat people with respect (or have a truly unique product/service) survive. BB does neither and is dying. I hope they continue to fail miserably and for everyone who owns a franchise or works at a store, I hope you'll consider getting in Netflix's offices. They seem to have a better marketing plan.


antithesis said...

a few weeks ago i told my sister bb was closing in my area and she had a similar reaction. she took part in a 30-day promotion and wanted to end it the final week or something but they charged her card for 3 more cycles after she'd ended and wasnt renting anything from them. she wanted to speak to a manager and was told, with an attitude, "i dont have time to deal with this". wtf?

Afenya said...

My family got into bad with a BB manager. She gave us the finger and everything. Get this, I love magazines,( as u know, tea). We were skimming through the mags so that I could pick the ones I wanted and she went off. So we snapped back.That's how we roll. Needless to say, we don't patronize them either and were extremely glad to hear the news of their closing. It's all about customer service and this company has wayyyyy too many instances of bad service.