Tuesday, September 1, 2009

GAP Party

So a long time ago (i.e. three weeks ago) I went to a Gap Born To Fit party hosted by Luvvie. I've been meaning to write about it, but haven't had time.

Anywho, most people I know DON'T wear GAP Jeans because they're too tight in the hips. It's almost like they made them for shapeless mannequins. I have one pair of GAP Jeans that I only wear to work when I don't have anything else to wear. I bought them for $12 at a consignment shop in Philly.

Anywho, Luvvie let me know that they have a new designer at the GAP and that she was having a party to have folks try them on (And keep a pair). You know me, I'll take some free jeans, wack or not.

To my surprise, they weren't wack at all. They were actually quite fly. They have three new fits. I think Real Straight, Sexy Boot and Always Skinny. I have a pair of the Always Skinny and they're super cute. They look like premium denim and they fit more comfortably than my other pair of skinny jeans.

The best part was being in a room with a bunch of women of all different shapes and size and everyone being able to find a pair that fits their bums.

Long story short, if you haven't been to the GAP in a while and you're in the market for a pair, check 'em out. I think Luvvie might be doing giveways too, so check her page out.


antithesis said...

aww, im going to miss jeans. cant even wear em to school anymore. boo!

T said...

@ anthithesis UGH! Is that some kind of stupid grad school rule to prepare you for the "real world." I hate it!

I guess I would be mad if I walked into a therapist's office and he or she had on jeans. Sad.