Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Don't You Hate

Don't you hate when you go to club (or anywhere) with friends of friends and you realize that y'all are cut from a different cloth. You just want to pass out a flyer that says:

"This hoe is not really my friend. We came together, but our mutual friend left early and this broad is my ride home, so that's why I'm still in her wack presence." LOL!

No, seriously women who

10. Cuss the wait staff out for no reason
9. Don't tip
8. Don't have a good grasp of the English language (I'm sorry, what does Bogish mean and how many days, exactly, are in a mont?)
7. On that same note, women who don't understand logic or philosophy and have the nerve to try to argue with someone. (Look, are you inducing or deducing?)
6. Are dressed inappropriately. (Do you have on workout shoes at a picnic?)
5. Dance on poles for attention (which is different from dancing on poles for fun... maybe more on that later)
4. Have their underwear showing on purpose (Decorum fail)
3. Talk about people super loud in restaurants. (Um... excuse me, I don't even know you, I'm not fighting for you. You better whisper or leave.)
2. Make out with guys at the bar/club (EW!)
1. Take their shoes off at the club (KILL YOSELF!)


KindredSmile said...

YES! To all of this. I'll even add

11. Opens a tab then tries to argue about the cost/number of drinks when it's time to leave.


antithesis said...

im guilty of # 2 and there's no excuse but it was my bday and i was really drunk and he (might have been) really cute. anyway, everything else u said was the truth!

b.enchanted said...

You need to read my ugly in public post... at least they aren't your family!

ZDubb said...

Yesss! Along with talking too loud in restaurants...

How about pointing out girls that look tacky in the club?
#1 - literally pointing
#2 - they look greater than or equal to subject's tackiness
#3 - when they tag team you, I don't really know you like that.... I'm just saying.