Thursday, September 24, 2009

Daily Linkage

Hey Folks, I've got nothing today, but check out some of the blogs I'm checking out lately.

1. The RHOCC - The Real Housewife of Cook County - She dishes us everything fabulous about celebrities, up and coming fashion and music tidbits and she throws in some hilarious YouTube videos ever now and again for good measure. Definitely check her out.

2. Six Twenty Seven - This "South Loop Social Light" writes about the latest Chicago events, charitable, empowering, free - you name it, she blogs about it. She also dishes on top model and other randomness. Stop on by and say hello.

3. I Am Lala - Ms. LaLa Vazquez, actress, producer, fiance to Carmelo Anthony and mom to Kiyan, their adorable two year old is blogging. She posts often and always has fab pics of the family and her fabulous life. I started following her on Twitter and she is SO down to earth and just genuinely kind. (I don't mind seeing those behind the scenes shots of Melo either... I'm just sayin')

4. A Fly Girl's World - My girl PyT is back at blogging after a three-month hiatus. If you remember she brought us throwback Thursdays (What you know about those Montell Jordan videos), relationship stories and other music and fashion flyness. I don't know if she's taking it in another direction, but I'll def be tuned in.

Hmm... I must say I'm not really following any male bloggers. Perhaps I'm biased... If you know any good blogs written by the fellas, let me know. I'll add them to the roll next time.


K to the... said... is hilar! Sometimes the comments are funnier than the posts!

South Loop Social Light said...

Aww...thanks for giving me a blog shout out!! Much appreciated :)

Anonymous said...

Now I see MY name in lights! Thanks for the luv. I have to hit up these other sites. I love Lala's blog, she is so fly!