Monday, September 14, 2009

And the Coon Award Goes To...

you guessed it, Kanye, ye, Yeezy, whatever the hell you want to call him this morning. He's the biggest coon on the face of the planet right now (even more so than T-pain and is coonalicious).

That's what happens when you start your night off with a fifth of Henny.

Wait, but because this is Tea & Such can we talk about how effing hilarious his shoulder shrug was at 0:40. Oh bwoy. That ish was wrong but SO funny!


nerdgirlms said...

That dude is an azz for real. And while the shoulder shrug was indeed amusing, I am more concerned that Amber West is wearing a reptile print cat suit. Why?????

nerdgirlms said...

Ummm, I meant Amber Rose.

K to the... said...

I think 'Ye had more than Hennessy last night. I posted a question today. Hennessy won't tell you to rock a leather shirt and Timbs in September.

Makes me think of the scene from Waiting to Exhale with Lela Rochon and "Bubba".

"Have a fruit bowl tramp!"

T said...

@Nerdgirl, you've got Kanye and Amber married. The same way people have Tiny and T.I. married or Brad and Angelina. Hilarity.

@ K to the NO. YOU. DID. NOT. Take it back to Lela Rechon and bubba. I'm so done.

b.enchanted said...

It's a mess. He's a mess. I'm sick of his rudeness. At this point, I think he should have to sit in back with the fans, so that he has zero access to stages.

I'm going to blog on my Kanye theory later in the week. But right now, I'm too annoyed.