Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Ok, my giveaway is not nearly as exciting as the headline, but I have a jar of BioInfusion Olive Oil Deep Conditioning Treatment. I don't like it, but one diva's beauty trash is another diva's treasure. I think it stinks, but I also think Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercreme stinks and people love the hell out of that stuff.

Anywho, if you want it, you can have it. Just leave a message and if I get a bunch of replies I'll pick a winner and grab your address off line.

I just hate wasting stuff...

Antithesis is doing a REAL giveaway here. Throw your name in the hat, you never know, you might win.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Perfect Sunday

My internet was down at home over the weekend, so I didn't get a chance to post this up on Monday, but I did have a perfect Sunday, so I wanted to share.

Real talk, this is more to remind me of good weekends than to entertain y'all, so sorry if it's boring.

8:45 Early morning church service. (I was 45 minutes late, but glad I made it).
11:00 Brunch at Lou Mitchell's with thummyb and PJ
1:00 headed to the 'burbs
2:00 Hung out with my mom
3:00 Bear game
6:00 Bears win
1100 Made it home (despite the Tornado rains)


Monday, September 28, 2009

Quote of the Day

Friend: "Remember that guy who said he was shy and he took your number and didn't call."
T: Yeah
Friend: "He's not shy so much as he's in a relationship with someone else."
T: Oh.
Friend: "Yeah, I was just at their housewarming last weekend."

I'm SO glad he didn't call me. Still kinda touched he didn't tell me he had a girl. I could've spent the evening talking to someone else. Wasting damn time! Hmph!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

RHOA Round-Up

Ok, I had to catch RHOA on Demand this weekend, but I must speak on it.

1. That white woman is not Kim's friend. She's telling her that big papa loves her, that she's going to get a ring and overall just making it seem like sleeping with a married man is normal and acceptable. Real friends call you out on your bullshit.

2. Kim got work done on her lips and it looks a HOT mess.

3. Where the hell is Sheree's accent from? It's not southern, it's not flat like the Midwest, there's nothing East coast about it. But her diction is Horrible. It's not Tinah and Trorah bad, but she just has a hard time with some sounds. Like she says fabulous like faba-liss. WTF is that?

4. Why does NeNe keep saying she's writing a book. She's telling an author her life story and the author is writing the book. Anyone who can talk can do that. Everyone's been through something...

5. Them pink stretchpants on a man. Um... no boo!

6. Did Kim just say she was independent? Hold the phone. She is SINGLE. She is not Independent. Again, this is why college is so important.

7. Tania needs to shut the hell up and stop riding Sheree's man parts. Thanks!

8. Wait, was that a man or woman on the pole?

9. NeNe is a mess. I mean she was arguing with Kandi about nothing. Definitely showing her true colors. Her feelings were hurt that Kim didn't want her on the song. Say that. Don't get mad at Kandi. How are they going to be put her in between their mess. Kandi should have looked NeNe in the face and said "This ain't that."

Friday, September 25, 2009

Get In Some Girl Time

I have been having the hardest time catching up with my girls lately. It's always been hard to plan girls time, but between killer hours at work, husbands, babies, new boos and fatigue, it just seems especially tough right now.

When we can, my girls and I plan brunches, weekend getaways and party nights to catch up weekly. And, I was really happy when I came across this article in the October issue of Essence about different ways to catch up with your best gal pals:

1. Create Sweat Equity
Catch up with your girl while working off those last five pounds. You'll have someone to talk to instead of counting down the remaining five minutes on the treadmill and a partner to keep you accountable for your routine. "Not only will you feel more committed to the weight loss, but to each other as well," says Shakara Bridgers, coauthor of The Get 'Em Girls Guide to the Perfect Get-Together

2. Look to Cooking
Take a culinary course and then use your new skills making Sunday brunch as a crew. "Gathering in the kitchen with your friends sure beats trying to figure out who ordered what at the end of an expensive meal out," says Bridgers.

3. Give Back
Strengthen your relationship while stregthening your community. Spend an hour at the local soup kitchen, or chaperone a trip for your church's youth group. By doing service together, you can enjoy each other's company while doing something good for other people.

4. Hit The Road
A day trip to the quaint town 30 minutes away may be all the vacation you need. And it doesn't place a huge demand on your jam-packed schedule or your not-so-jam-packed wallet. While you're there, explore gift shops, restaurants and bookstores. Get mani-pedis at the local salon, and try a few new dishes at a popular restaurant. It will be a great escape and another wonderful memory to share with your girls for years to come.

5. Be Kids Again
You're never too grown for a slumber party. And at this age, you can grab your jammies and a bottle of wine. Settle once and for all who has the biggest vocabulary over a Scrabble session, play a game of Truth or Dare, or decide if Idris Elba or Terrence Howard is a better leading man. No matter what you do, make sure it's fun and full of laughter. "Spending quality time with girlfriends allows women to step away from their everyday roles as mothers, wives and businesswomen and just let their hair down," says Bridgers.

by Niema Jordan

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Daily Linkage

Hey Folks, I've got nothing today, but check out some of the blogs I'm checking out lately.

1. The RHOCC - The Real Housewife of Cook County - She dishes us everything fabulous about celebrities, up and coming fashion and music tidbits and she throws in some hilarious YouTube videos ever now and again for good measure. Definitely check her out.

2. Six Twenty Seven - This "South Loop Social Light" writes about the latest Chicago events, charitable, empowering, free - you name it, she blogs about it. She also dishes on top model and other randomness. Stop on by and say hello.

3. I Am Lala - Ms. LaLa Vazquez, actress, producer, fiance to Carmelo Anthony and mom to Kiyan, their adorable two year old is blogging. She posts often and always has fab pics of the family and her fabulous life. I started following her on Twitter and she is SO down to earth and just genuinely kind. (I don't mind seeing those behind the scenes shots of Melo either... I'm just sayin')

4. A Fly Girl's World - My girl PyT is back at blogging after a three-month hiatus. If you remember she brought us throwback Thursdays (What you know about those Montell Jordan videos), relationship stories and other music and fashion flyness. I don't know if she's taking it in another direction, but I'll def be tuned in.

Hmm... I must say I'm not really following any male bloggers. Perhaps I'm biased... If you know any good blogs written by the fellas, let me know. I'll add them to the roll next time.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Must Be Lame

I must be lame because stuff I think is sexy is just not popular (or if it is, I've just been missing those brothers). Here's Tea's Top 10 oddly sexy things about a man.

10. Chivalry is sexy
9. Good Credit is sexy
8. An Open Mind is sexy (what the hell you mean you're too grown to go ice-skating with me?)
7. Having an valid and current passport is sexy
6. Men who play sports other than basketball, football and baseball are sexy. (Golf much?)
5. Cardigans for men are sexy. (Ok, I cheated to get to 10. Cardigans are very popular for men right now, but I think it's hot, so I thought y'all should know).
4.Honesty is THEE sexiest.
3. Punctuality is sexy.
2. Budgets are sexy.
1. Seatbelts are sexy.

What's sexy to you that's different from what all the cool kids are doing?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Do You See What I See

I'm walking down the street minding my own business and what do I spy. This dude looked like a cross between Mr. T and Hustleman... a real mess.

Now do you see that red comb in his head. That comb was sitting on top of a rubber-banded ponytail. And I use the word ponytail lightly. What the hell?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Support Your Girl!!!

In about two weeks I will be walking in AIDS Walk/Run Chicago. If you're reading this right now, I want YOU to donate $1 to sponsor me in the run. I'm not kidding. Just a buck (you can donate more if you'd like, but I'm seriously only asking you for $1).

The money will go directly to the Chicago Women's AIDS Project, the only gender specific AIDS organization in the Chi. Your $1 will go towards the following:

1. Medicine
2. Groceries (hard to take care of your immune system when you're not eating)
3. Child Care
4. Transporation to get to medicine, groceries, child care and support groups all of which are vital to the survival of the 150 women in Chicago who use CWAP's services.

Can you help?
Will you help?
Please, please, please!!!!

Find out more information and donate here.

Friday, September 18, 2009

LOL @ Blockbuster

So in my family we're a bunch of movie buffs. We LOVE movies, almost as much as we love comedy. That's just how we get down as a family watching movies back to back to back. So when I was a teenager (I think) we took a movie back to Blockbuster, but it had a movie from our collection in it. When BB noticed the mistake, they called my mom and she returned their movie and got our movie back.

They then attempted to charge her $60 for having the movie an extra couple of weeks. She didn't pay it. She argued, and rightfully so, that it was an honest mistake and since they had her movie all that time, we should break even. They disagreed. BB are franchises, so the manager had the choice to make a valued customer happy or charge us money for a video we thought we'd turned in. He made the wrong decision.

Ever since then, I don't support BB. Sure, if a friend has a BB card, I'll go half on a movie, but I never got a membership. Not even in college when movie watching was the thing to do. The family now supports Hollywood and Family Video and I have Netflix. Yes, it's been nearly 15 years since this bad customer service occurred, but in my old age (LOL!) no one gets two chances to screw me over. I just don't play that.

So when I went to yahoo's homepage and saw this article about how BB's not doing so hot, I smiled coyly... then I really laughed out loud. Companies that treat people with respect (or have a truly unique product/service) survive. BB does neither and is dying. I hope they continue to fail miserably and for everyone who owns a franchise or works at a store, I hope you'll consider getting in Netflix's offices. They seem to have a better marketing plan.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Airports Named After People of Color

So in this post, I said that Louis Armstrong was the only airport in the US named after a black person. I was wrong, so I wanted to share some others.

Louis Armstrong Airport - New Orleans (MSY)

Thurgood Marshall Airport - Baltimore (BWI)

Hartsfield-Jackson Airport (named after Maynard Jackson) - Atlanta (ATL)

Did I miss any? Also does anyone know of airports named after other people of color and/or women?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

And the Keeping It Real Award goes to

My President!

I know people hate it when the President is this real. I'd hate for him to be this real and be lying. But since he's telling the truth, I can dig it!!!

President calls Kanye West a "jackass" Click here to listen.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

And the Class Award Goes to...

You already know it's Miss Bey. She gets on my nerves sometimes, but I actually am a fan. I was in Macy's when her line debuted in Chicago standing on top of tables and stuff trying to see what all the hype is about. Her waist to hip ratio is bananas and she really is that pretty. Now (her booty is flat in the back - yeah I was lookin'), but she's got enough hips to make up for it.

Anyway, here she is being gracious to Taylor Swift after Kan-Coony effed up Taylor's original speech.

This is actually the most original I've seen Bey be. I like her like this. Real, gracious (in the background).

Monday, September 14, 2009

And the Coon Award Goes To...

you guessed it, Kanye, ye, Yeezy, whatever the hell you want to call him this morning. He's the biggest coon on the face of the planet right now (even more so than T-pain and is coonalicious).

That's what happens when you start your night off with a fifth of Henny.

Wait, but because this is Tea & Such can we talk about how effing hilarious his shoulder shrug was at 0:40. Oh bwoy. That ish was wrong but SO funny!

Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11, 2009

Happy 22nd birthday to the #1 man in my life, my oldest younger brother, Sam. His daughter is 5 months now. What a difference a year makes.


I'm also remembering everyone we lost of this day in 2001 and praying for their families.

P.S. I've been in New York since Tuesday for work. I'm leaving this morning, but I expect that it'll be a different experience being in NYC on 9/11.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Only Profession Where Everyone Knows What You Do

So I was at a hood house party for @antp2g, TattooTuesday (TT) and Kendall's birthday. There were so many things wrong at this party that I don't even have time to go into it. It was nonstop funny though. Here's ONE of many funny situations:

So, me and some of my girls were sitting in the dining room and all the fellas start man-hugging this one dude who came to the party like they hadn't seen him in years. My girls who were with me this night, didn't go to HS with me, so they didn't know most of the crew. One girl started coughing and was like "Did he go to school with you all." I'm like no, I don't know who that is.

So she's like he's a stripper. I start rollin' then I ask if he was good. She was like yeah (reminiscing). LMAO! So, I turn towards Mike (4S) and I'm like who is the cock diesel dude (he was, indeed, swoll in the arm and chest area)? Mike says some name I don't remember and takes a swig of water. I then say "you know he's a stripper right?" Mike, after almost choking on said swig of water starts dying laughing and shakes his head yes.

So, an hour or so goes by and TT comes past and asks me"What would you do if you saw a guy who was a stripper at a party that had nothing to do with stripping." He said men would ignore it if it was a female stripper, but apparently one of the female houseguests went right up to dude and said "You used to perform, right?"

Oh the hilarity!!!! But that's not even the best part. I was standing in one of the doorways and dude was getting ready to leave the party. So I don't know him, but he starts dapping up everyone around me. He DAPS up Mike and says he's about to go to work. The conversation went like this:

Dude: Yeah, I'm about to go to work.
Mike: Oh yeah, you about to wang out witcha thang out?
Dude: Naw, man I told you I don't do that anymore
Mike: What? Rock out with ya cock out?
Dude: Naw, man, c'mon cut that out
Mike: Or is it twang out witcha thang out? Hang out withcha wang out? **talkin' to someone else** He about to go rock out with his cock out.

I swear he said it about 10 times.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Don't You Hate

Don't you hate when you go to club (or anywhere) with friends of friends and you realize that y'all are cut from a different cloth. You just want to pass out a flyer that says:

"This hoe is not really my friend. We came together, but our mutual friend left early and this broad is my ride home, so that's why I'm still in her wack presence." LOL!

No, seriously women who

10. Cuss the wait staff out for no reason
9. Don't tip
8. Don't have a good grasp of the English language (I'm sorry, what does Bogish mean and how many days, exactly, are in a mont?)
7. On that same note, women who don't understand logic or philosophy and have the nerve to try to argue with someone. (Look, are you inducing or deducing?)
6. Are dressed inappropriately. (Do you have on workout shoes at a picnic?)
5. Dance on poles for attention (which is different from dancing on poles for fun... maybe more on that later)
4. Have their underwear showing on purpose (Decorum fail)
3. Talk about people super loud in restaurants. (Um... excuse me, I don't even know you, I'm not fighting for you. You better whisper or leave.)
2. Make out with guys at the bar/club (EW!)
1. Take their shoes off at the club (KILL YOSELF!)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rosary Beads


I've noticed young urban males wearing rosary beads, traditional and decorative. I asked my facebook friends what this was about. Either a rapper did it or everyone is converting to catholicism.

Answers were:

1. Rappers started it
2. They've been doing this in Harlem since 2004, but it just now catching in Chicago
3. In Atlanta, it's a gang symbol

Um... really? Rosary beads are Catholic prayers beads. I'm not even Catholic, but I'm very offended. You don't see Jewish people wearing crosses or Muslim wearing 6-point stars (the 6-point star is a gang symbol in Chicago too, now that I think about it). Religious symbolism shouldn't be pop culture (or gang-affiliated) and I wish people would stop doing stuff just because a rapper did it. It's sickening, blasphemous and downright groupie-ish.

PSA: Originality is not dead. Just because you're on Twitter, doesn't mean you have to be a follower. Stop trying to be like everyone else. Thanks, mgmt.

Question of the day: Has this stupid trend picked up in your city?

Monday, September 7, 2009


YAY MONDAY OFF!!! I'm hope you're somewhere resting, vacationing, spending times with family and friends and/or eating well.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Quote of the day

Quote of the day is from thummyb

Gucci Mane: I think I love her
Girl: Gucci, you o'nt love me
Thummyb: Well, at least she's honest with herself.


If that's not funny to you, you have no sense of humor. Oh, LAWD, that was hilarious.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's complicated

Calculus is complicated
Rocket science is complicated
Brain surgery is [rather] complicated
Making out words in English while watching the Tinah and Trora show is complicated.

Relationships however, Facebook, are NOT complicated. What's happening is one or both of you in said relationship is having relations with more than just the other.

That's not complicated at all to me. Stupid, maybe. Nasty, definitely. Complicated, not so much.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Swearing and Such

So... it occurred to me that a lot of people in the world, don't swear. (Curse, cuss, use vulgar and/or filthy language... however you want to say it.) The point is everyone doesn't have a potty mouth, like me. (Sad, I know.) I actually curse so much that people tend to curse more when they're around me.

My girlfriend's husbands and boyfriends HATE it. I see the men's sideeyes popping out when I come around like "I thought we had a discussion about your mouth yesterday." It's kinda funny because when I'm around my girls are typically like eff that, I'm grown. I'll say what I want. (I know they punk out when I leave though and I respect them for it.)

Anywho, it occurred to me that people have sex, but don't curse. Now, I know cursing too much makes your vocabulary seem small and makes you look simple, etc, etc. I'm all about expanding ones vocabulary, but big words that carry the same weight as curse words would probably kill the bedroom vibe. I, for one, love to throw out a four-letter word, as appropriate, during relations. Ok, let's be for real, it's probably non-stop four-letter words mixed in with an "ooh" or an "ah" or his name every once in a while. (Y'all know I talk to much)

But... what do people who don't curse say during sex? Or even worse, do the lights go off and the filthy mouths come out? I'm genuinely curious about this. The problem is that I don't know anyone who doesn't curse, so my friends can't give me any insight...

For example, do you think the first lady at your church is like "Oh #$%% Reverend." (Quit acting prudish, you know your Pastor and/or Bishop gets it in).

P.S. Sorry if that was TMI, but I REALLY want to know.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

GAP Party

So a long time ago (i.e. three weeks ago) I went to a Gap Born To Fit party hosted by Luvvie. I've been meaning to write about it, but haven't had time.

Anywho, most people I know DON'T wear GAP Jeans because they're too tight in the hips. It's almost like they made them for shapeless mannequins. I have one pair of GAP Jeans that I only wear to work when I don't have anything else to wear. I bought them for $12 at a consignment shop in Philly.

Anywho, Luvvie let me know that they have a new designer at the GAP and that she was having a party to have folks try them on (And keep a pair). You know me, I'll take some free jeans, wack or not.

To my surprise, they weren't wack at all. They were actually quite fly. They have three new fits. I think Real Straight, Sexy Boot and Always Skinny. I have a pair of the Always Skinny and they're super cute. They look like premium denim and they fit more comfortably than my other pair of skinny jeans.

The best part was being in a room with a bunch of women of all different shapes and size and everyone being able to find a pair that fits their bums.

Long story short, if you haven't been to the GAP in a while and you're in the market for a pair, check 'em out. I think Luvvie might be doing giveways too, so check her page out.