Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You Know You're From Chicago If

I logged on to Twitter last night after an awesome nap (had the day off) and the trending topic was #uknowufromChicago. Oh boy. I was dying laughing at first, but then I started Tweeting too. I seriously put up about 100 Tweets last night.

We all basically reminisced about high school and grammar school, hood delicacies and the Chicago music industry (R. Kelly, Twista, Do or Die, Crucial Conflict). We also touched on our corrupt local government, high school rivalries, neighborhood rivalres and of course, Chicago slang (with a few gang references mixed in their for good measure).

I cannot even describe to you the hilarity that ensued, but here are some of my favorite Tweets from last night.


- If you ever had to steal off somebody
- If you know who Eagle Man and Peter Francis Geraci are
- If you ever worked at the Plaza (or North Riverside, out west)
- If your grandma lives in a Bungalow, Georgian or 2 Flat in the hood
- If you use the term Express way (what the hell is a freeway?)
- If you know where to get a pizza puff, fries and a pop (Orange, Grape or RC) for $3 in 2009
- If you think the proper word for "Finna" is Fin To
- If you're a soutsider who only goes to the West side for MacArthurs
- If you can finish this "5-8-8"
- If you had that $1.00 lipgloss with the roller ball in cherry, grape, or strawberry
- If you've ever had to switch from "HEAT" to "A/C" in the same day
- If you consider Ghetto Queen a love song
- If you can't help but get low when you hear "HOLD UP, WAIT A MINUTE"
- If u say 'i'm fr the 100's' and erybody in the room yell out WILDWILD!

And my absolute favorite
#uknowufromChicago when u sing along with the car alarm "do do do do reer reer reer reer uur-oop uurr-oop uur-oop ur-opp ehh ehh ehh ehh"


Ok, that's all I can do. But this was the #3 trending topic last night, so 1000s of Tweets were sent. Hilarious!!!


ThummyB said...

Love the Eagle man and the 'Wild Hun'eds' references!

I'ma go ahead and see your list with the following...

- If you're familiar with the terms Jew-town and/or Jew-town Polish Sausage.

And I'll raise you with this...

- You know you're from the southside if you've never heard of the Edens/Kennedy (or really 90/94 for that matter), but are completely comfortable with the Dan Ryan and the Bishop Ford.

K to the... said...

So THIS is what everyone was raving about in their fb statuses last night? Hilarious!

clandestinechic said...

LOL! That is hilarious! I especially laughed at the "Hold up, wait a minute" one. That just brought back some memories.

b.enchanted said...

Not the rollerball lip glosses! And seriously, that car alarm IS THE BEST!

la said...

Am I the only one who remembers mix tapes a la DJ Chip and "Hot Mixes"?? Please say no. I was thrown for a loop when I found out what the rest of the country considers a mix tape!

T said...

@ la, Girl, no. You are not the only one who remembers DJ chip. He was this ISH!!!

People were talking about him on Twitter too. Stuff like

#uknowufromChicago if DJ Chip DJ-ed your 8th grade dance, snowball, homecoming, etc.


Southside_Superstar said...

I swear Ghetto Queen will get you more action that Jodeci, John Legend, and Brian McKnight all rolled into one!

I love that song!

That should have been the prom theme senior year.

JOE CASTRO said...

lmao @ 'finna'

i had a smart dumb negro who tried to correct me recently... he goes, 'why do people say finna? the word is fin to!'

first, that's two words... secondly, neither are acceptable King James' English. and this dude continued as if he was dropping some KRS One type knowledge.

gotta love chicago, even though i just moved yesterday.

T said...

@Joe Castro, where'd you move?

JOE CASTRO said...

i'm back with the children of the corn (c-u)... i'm going to work for the school district for a bit.