Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Recap

This was a good weekend in the Chi despite the 60-degree temps. Had to share my calendar with y'all.

- Dinner Circle with some fabulous ladies at Volare (highly recommend it).
- Partying with Kismet and her little sis who just turned 21 at Funk & Buttafly.
- Ran into (and hugged) Hosea Sanchez (Malik from the Game). He's only about 5'10, but he was really nice.
- Yes, I had to go to work on Friday, but you're only young once and Kismet was only in town for a limited time.

- I survived the workday.
- PyT's homie from Ohio came into town. It was cold and raining, but we go hard for Chi-town guests, so we kicked it.
- Tried to go to Underground. (They weren't even honoring tables. How you get so exclusive that you turn down hundreds of dollars is a mystery to me.)
- Went to Vain, started the night on the dance floor, ended the night in the VIP. YESSIR! Ran into Hosea again, you can never have too much of him.

- Volunteered with Chicago Cares at CWAPChicago
- Attended the Black Harvest Film Festival
- Club hopped with PyT and her girl. We hit the Wit, The W Lakeshore, The W City Center (Chicago NBA All-star party), Cagney's and Filthy Libertine (Garrett Wolfe's bday party). Save for the Wit, everything was pretty wack.

- Church at AFC
- Birthday cook-out for a homie's 30th

Yeah, this weekend was off the chain! I kind of unofficially just gave you all a summer weekend guide to the Chi. Keep that in your back pocket.

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antithesis said...

sounds like a great, well-rounded weekend. such fun!

JOE CASTRO said...

i have a bone to pick with you ms. t!

at a recent physical examination i found out that i fall 3/4 of an inch shy of 5'10... not like that's going to prevent me from still telling people that i'm 5' 10", but it was disturbing news to receive on a monday morning nonetheless.

then i get home, only to read your blog and see you refer to someone as being 'ONLY 5'10'!

i cried a little (mainly because i stubbed my toe, but i'm sure you played a role in that as well)... then my hurt turned to anger. i will not be reading your blog on tuesday; maybe wednesday we can start over.

i've always received prejudice from being under 6'... never did i think i would receive prejudice for being ONLY 5'10 (almost).

T said...

@ Joe Castro. Here's the thing. We know how tall everyday people are, but for some reason we just expect all celebrities to be tall.

Lance Gross is only about 6 feet tall and I was disappointed. Not because the height is a problem, but because on TV he looks taller.

So since I saw Hosea in person, I just had to let the female population know that he's not 6'5 or anything like that. So folks won't have their hopes up.

JOE CASTRO said...

i guess i feel a little better, plus it would appear i've already broken my tuesday boycott of your blog.