Monday, August 3, 2009

Neck Lips

Yes, I just said neck lips. Say it fast like like it's one word.

I would like to know what in the name of all that is red and fruity and delicious are men thinking putting women's lips on their necks. What kind of tangylicious foolishness is going on in the year 2009?

That is not what's hot in the streets. You look like the biggest trick on the face of the planet and to make matters worst whoever's lips those are is not going to be your girl forever. I guarantee it. (Except for Souljah boy because those are probably his mama's lips, but I digress).

Fellas, keep tats off your neck in general, but specifically, please stop with the neck lips.

Exhibit A: Trina's lips on Kenyon Martin's neck. What's the next tat Kenyon? Her lazy eye on your cheek?

Exhibit B: Diddy's back-up singer's lips on Diddy's paycheck's neck. OOPS, I meant to say Dawn on Que. You know what I meant.

Exhibit C: Souljah Boy's mama's lips on his neck. I love my mama too, but that's just wrong.

Exhibit D: Some dude who apparently raps named "Tyga" that Southside Superstar put me up on. I don't know who's lips they are. Probably someone like Trora from the Tinah and Trora show since he's apparently close to lil Wayne.

And for the love of the English language, young rappers, please learn how to spell. From yung, to souljah to tyga, I can't really keep up right now.

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K to the... said...

What's the next tat Kenyon? Her lazy eye on your cheek?


*Now goes to look at pics of Trina to confirm lazy eye* lol