Sunday, August 30, 2009

I Miss Martin

Bwoy, I wish someone as funny as Martin would get back on primetime TV. Do you all realize through his show and his movies, he's given us so many catch phrases that we still say today? Or characters that we still immitate today. This dude is hilarity personified, often adlibbing the script in his shows and being so hilarious his castmates could hardly keep a straight face.

Yeah, I miss Martin. Here are Tea's top 10 Martin quotes/catch phrases/characters.

10. b-d-b

9. Oh my damn.

8. Pick up the pieces!

7. I said Jerome in the house, watch yo mouth!!!

6. Anything with Shenaynay

5. GTD

4. Get ta steppin'

3. You say you going for a big gulp (Jodeci episode)

2. We >>>>>>>>>>>>Here<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

1. Woo-Sah


ThummyB said...

LOVE 'GTD'! Funniest isht EVER!

K to the... said...

YESS @ GTD! I KNOW I'm not the only one who makes the GTD Compilation CDs/Playlists! And if you say you don't...

You're lying!!!

Anonymous said...

Girl! I could watch that episode where he has knots all over his head all day long - just for the trailer! When he's dancing around looking 1/2 crazy I laugh until I hurt.