Wednesday, August 12, 2009

French Bulletin Boards

I'm staying in my apartment another year, so I decided it's time I start enjoying my cozy little place. I'm trying to make little adjustments here and there that store and conceal clutter. I was on and fell in love with the French bulletin board in this studio apartment.

Isn't it just delicious?

I decided I'm going to put one in my kitchen that will be the catch-all for cards, bills and other paper that's always on my countertop. Problem is... these bad boys are expensive. And the ones that aren't expensive are wack or aren't the size I need. I'm also not a big fan of DIY for me. Yeah, for other people it's great, but my accuracy isn't always the greatest and I don't want an art project in my house looking like a 3-year old created it.

So question of the day is

1) Do you know any places that carry French bulletin boards for the low?
1a) Would you or anyone you who enjoys arts and crafts like to make one for me? (I'll take a free one, but I'll also pay for one if it's pretty enough) You might think I'm joking, but I'm SO serious.


J said...

Hey T...Check out They have some that are in many colors and different price ranges ($8-$118). These are handmade and maybe you can contact them to make a custom piece. Hope you are doing well!!


antithesis said...

aww, if i had talent, i'd make you one. good luck on ur search. they dont sell any at target or ikea?

T said...

@antithesis, the only ones I've seen are from Bed, Bath and Beyond (I think) and they're pretty square, like for an office. I'm actually looking for a long rectangular one (think full length mirror size).

@J, that's a great suggestion. I'll definitely check etsy out. :)

KindredSmile said...

Etsy was my suggestion as well. I really like this one:[]=tags&includes[]=title

kay* said...

the first things i thought was DIY - it is SUCH an easy DIY if you're up for it! i don't if you have a store called homesense there but that would be a good place to check. or walmart or target.

b.enchanted said...

I think you should do it yourself. T, you're artsy enough to get the job done, and you'll love it that much more.