Thursday, August 13, 2009

Don't Miss Your Blessing

I was at church a couple of weeks ago and heard one of the dumbest things I've ever heard in my life in the women's bathroom.

Lady: I've been really blessed... I have a couple of job interviews coming up... I just feel like one of these are going to work out... I've turned down three job offers since I was laid off because they interfered with my church schedule.


Pump yo brakes, old lady. What kind of church schedule do you keep? Most churches have an early morning service, a mid-day service and an afternoon and/or evening service. You mean to tell me you couldn't pick a service that fits your schedule or God forbid, go to another church that offers a service that fits into your schedule, so you can take a job offer. Are there no Saturday services anywhere? A Wednesday night prayer meeting or something, so you can get your praise on AND go to work.

Look, I'm all about keeping commitments, but God didn't call Christians to be dummies. If he's throwing jobs in your lap TAKE THEM!!!

Christians, am I wrong? Blasphemous? How would YOU respond if someone said this to you?

Oh, and this FURTHER lets me know that the unemployment insurance in Illinois is too lenient. I've heard this before, but apparently it's so lovely that people turn down jobs to get it. (Clearly I'm assuming she gets unemployment when she could have gotten a nice severance package and/or saved up really well to cover her expenses in the event of an emergency.)


KindredSmile said...

Ruh roh. I've never heard of such a thing, and am glad I haven't. A convo like that would have hurt my soulspace. GTFOHWTBS!

K to the... said...

Some folk can't even get a job interview...but this lady turns down 3 job offers...job offers like "Ay, you got the job, here's what your salary and benefits package is looking like."

She must be on the executive board, Usher board, Jr Usher board, deacon board, mission board, christian education, the building fund board, the food mission board, the stained glass windows board....wait is she a founder of the church? That's just ludicrous (No Chris Bridges)

b.enchanted said...

You should have asked her what 10% of her gov. check amounts to...Not for any particular reason, just to be ignorant, of course.

Afenya said...

u aren't being blasphemous at all. u are so right. also, the gov't is very lenient when u sit on ur azz. it's when u want to do something with your life that they snatch everything away from u.

Luvvie said...

I bet the good Lawd is saying "Fool, I sent you those job offers! U getting on y last nerves, in my house 24/7. You aint the only person I gots to attend to."

nerdgirlms said...

I'll do you one better. My mom works with a lady (58 years old!) who QUIT her job because she "can't afford to live" on her salary after the state-mandated 10% pay cut takes effect. Ummmm, if you can't live on 90% it is going to be real hard to live on 0%. Or so I'd reason....and yes, she said God told her it would be alright. I can't speak to what God told her, but I don't think He'd ever tell me that. What happened to good sense and using the judgement God gave ya???