Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Weddings and Such

Came across this great article on attending weddings. For the first time in a long time I only had one wedding to go to this year and for the first time in three years I wasn't IN any weddings.

I'll definitely be using this advice in the future though. Who's next?

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Spiderlgs said...

I am officially retired. Honestly. I hope that no one I know gets married in the next two years cause I can't afford it. I told all of my friends that.. Unless its during my regularly scheduled visit to the Chi or in ATL.. it cant happen, because right now I have financial goals I have to reach.

But these tips are definitely fantastic as someone who has been in 4 weddings... three in the past 9 months. You really do have to use tip one.. and consider it wisely.. and then reconsider and then crunch the numbers to make sure that you can feasibly do it, without a mess to clean up after the fact.