Friday, July 24, 2009

TattooTuesday's Account

Below find TattooTuesday's account of what I blogged about yesterday. Enjoy!!!


Please don't take the Nigga out my song, let it play on..." Robert Sylvester Kelly

I like T's account of this event. It was good and cute and clean. I will not recount the story of the Spades game, I will recount a tale of niggadom gone bad.

Men have different ways of approaching a situation. The guys that were playing spades with T were guys that I've seen out & about before. I've seen them at the sneaker boutiques and random out and about spots. These guys while loud are very well mannered.The guy that invited them is a guy that I see everywhere. Lightskin dude with glasses who weighs like 140 and stands about 5'5.

Every man raised on the South or West Side has those friends that play ignant when they know they can get away with is. So the first 2 guys arrived looking very pretty boy Kenwood like and once they saw the party was docile filled with women and liquor, they called reinforcements to run through. Kind of like Vikings coming to rape & pillage. So they get there, they loud, they had been smoking and my spidey senses said, I might have to slap a nigga.

These guys did disappoint. They got loud, was being reckless and kept yelling at the Birthday girl, "Play some Gucci." The lightskin brotha was non-threatening but the dark skin dude was irritating me. Maybe because I have a low tolerance for pillaging ass niggas.

As they started getting more & more into the spades game they started getting louder & louder with T. T was playing spades with my boy from Grammar school who stands about 6'3 250. And they was getting a little too brolic for my taste. Then they kept talking about calling other niggas to come to the party. As T, is playing she is showing no regard for these dudes. Cussing them left & right as she should have. Then out of nowhere, T gets up, spills beer and storms away from the table. I thought shit was gonna go real bad, real quick. The dark skin dude, lets just call him Monstarz, was looking pissed. I thought he was gonna pull it, but he didn't.

Finally, we played them in spades and it was all good after that. Me & my boy quit cuz these fuckers were cheating and I didn't have the tolerance to put up with that shit. And I wouldn't have gotten away with cursing at these dudes like that, because I'm not a caramel girl with a lot of exposed leg.

So to end the night the dudes ending up leaving. And were outside the aprty for more than an hour in the car with the dude they called. Random as hell I know.

Why did I want T, to tell this story... because I had never seen her get brolic with a group of dudes before, it showed her true west side colors. I thought she was gonna fold up & submit like a prissy girl but I was wrong. And the story was funny to say the least.

T is a G. Either that or it was the alcohol. I'm going with T is a G.


KindredSmile said...

Wessside, stand up! I'm surprised no one threw a chair, or flipped the table over. I've seen it done for a lot, lot less.

Spades = Death

b.enchanted said...

Monstarz... LMAO

K to the... said...

I concur...T is a G!!!

ThummyB said...

T is a G. I once saw her tell a grown, 6'3'', hood-lookin' boy the following:
'Yo mama's a b!t@h, B!T@H!' I thought we were going to have to run for our lives! LOL!