Wednesday, July 1, 2009

She has no boo-tential

I can't believe I'm telling you all this, but it's too funny not to share. So I lost my phone right before I went to NOLA. No big, I have insurance and I have contacts back-up. While Asurion did a fab job getting a new phone to me in a matter of hours Verizon fucked up phenomenally by not backing up all the numbers I had in there.

Come to find out my numbers haven't backed up since I got the EnV2 phone in November. They can't find the numbers, they can't explain what happened, they can't do anything about it and worst of all, the service is complimentary, so they can't credit my account. BASTARDS!

So anyway, go ahead and add it up. I've been to about 6 or 7 cities since November and I've racked up boo-tentials in every one, not to mention the ho-asis that was the 44th inauguration of the President of the United States. All of those numbers are GONE.

While I'd like to keep most of these dudes in my network, I'm not exactly about to e-mail and/or facebook them to tell them to send me their numbers. That would cause all kinds of "so what have you been up tos" and "when am I going to see yous" or worse it'd be the guy I really didn't vibe with thinking I was trying to make it work, when really I'm just trying to keep my network open. (He might work with one of my girls, who knows.)

Or even worst than that, erasing all those numbers prevents me from recognizing the stalkers who call once a month and inadvertantly answsering their calls. UGH!

So to save face I had to 1) Make a list of lost numbers 2) Try to remember everyone's name and significance and 3) log on to Verizon and look through my phone and text message records and remember who I talked to and when. This took more time than I have available for some dudes I'm not even about to call immediately, but it was necessary.

I guess I agree with 4S and TT now, I date A LOT... hell, too much for all this work. You'll be happy to know I recovered numbers from 8 of a possible 13 boo-tentials. I have question marks next to some of those joints in my phone... could be him, could be somebody else.

I don't know about you, but this whole situation is funny as hell to me. Screw Verizon for messing up my pimp game! Like Kismet said, pimpin' ain't easy, but it's under control.


antithesis said...

oh that sucks. cant say i know the feeling but it just sounds like too much. at least you recovered some.

ThummyB said...


'right click + save to my memory bank'...that term is hilarious.

T said...

@ thummyb, yeah girl, stole that from PyT. It's so appropriate.

b.enchanted said...

It's hilarious. I'm saving as well. But T, you rack up boos like nobody's business! So the fact that you lost 5 is nothing. You can have that back after the 4th of July weekend alone! I can't even feel sorry for you LOL.