Thursday, July 30, 2009

Real Housewives: Speak on it

***Spoiler Alert***

So what'd you all think of the real housewives Thursday night? All I know is that sent this photo to my inbox and I just couldn't understand why they all look like they were going to different events. Maybe Nene, Sheree and Kim could have been going to the same place, but Lisa was way too dressed up and Kandi was way too dressed down. But clearly, that's not the reason for putting up this photo. Shall we discuss what the the hell kind of hair hat is Sheree wearing?

And it's time to do a Tea's top 10/sort of Live Blogging from the Show

10. Dwight - Did he really have on a fur in Atlanta? A mess! Did his fabulousness also have finger waves? LAWD STOP!!!

9. Nene had her girls out during the confessional didn't she, Lord.

8. Independence Party? Excuse my French, but BITCH PLEASE!!!!

7. People in Atlanta wear winter clothes for fun. If you have on knee high boots in Chicago, you wear those bad boys with gloves, a scarf, a parka and in January a ski mask. Punk azz winters.

6. Sheree, didn't you see the Cosby episode with the helicopters? It's not going to go well. A poet too? C'mon family, that's WEAK!

5. I'm so proud of NeNe and Sheree for getting it together, but this show thrives on drama, so I don't expect it to last long. Kim's been fake every since she snapped on NeNe. I don't expect anything adult-like from her.

4. I was so excited that Kim was going to go to school, but then she flaked out on a curling iron. She thinks she doesn't need to know music to sing and then she said I don't need beauty school to learn about hair. She's destined to be somebody's hoe for life.

3. Ooh, Sheree's earrings when she was talking to Anthony in the car were ca-yute.

2. And um... what you ain't gone do... is hang up on me. Period.

1. AND you won't be talking to me like you're crazy when I hired YOU. I'm not a Sheree fan, but you KNOW how I feel about bad customer service. This Anthony character must've been paid by Bravo to act a fool, but he needs to get himself together. He was mad that she cancelled on him and so he didn't provide good customer service. A MESS!!!

Altogether is was GREAT trashy TV!!!


b.enchanted said...

OMG I was so gonna blog on this, but maybe I will just link to yours so ppl can read it.
Sheree's hair on this picture is atrocious. On the other hand, Kim's wig has never looked that nice or flat to her head EVER.
What disappoints me most is that Kandi is even on the show. I just don't remember her being this whack. It's a disappointment really...
Oh, and yeah, I'm still laughing at her Independence Party. Her ideas get more and more grandiose each time.

antithesis said...

u got my thoughts via twitter but i just want to reiterate:

1. kandi: 6 kids, 4 baby mamas, rumored street pharmacist, ur mom dont like him and YOUR KID IS NOT ENTHUSED. DEAL BREAKER.

2. kandi, again: you cannot sing. please stick to mediocre writing

3. lisa: why? for each of her segments all i could think was *deleted scene*

T said...

@ antithesis, I wonder is Lisa made up this beef with Kim so she can stay on the show. You know they kicked Shaunie right off for acting like she has some sense. If you want to stay on RHOA, you have to be a drama queen. It's so sad (and fun to watch, lol).

Anonymous said...

Pls name the characters left to right (in the pic) so those of us who have to wait until next week to watch the show will know who you are talking about. You got me interested in this crap, and I know its going to be trashy.

T said...

@ Mrs. Cormack, l to r Sheree, Nene, Kim, Lisa, Kandi. Trust me, this show does not disappoint.

Kismet said...

@ b. enchanted - on Kandi--too true! That chick looks like she has the Crazy in her eyes, for real. I'm a little concerned...and will be happy to see Nene act a fool all over her next week. If it comes down to that. (But who the hell was Nene calling ghetto? Atlanta is HILarious to me.)

And that feel so sorry for me I had and am a single mom bullshit is going to irk the mess out of me the entire damn season...shit just plays into the worst stereotypes.

Anonymous said...

I was THROUGH when Dwight showed up in the fur coat with his hair laid! Then when he gave NeNe the lap dance?!? I could hardly get myself together and stop laughing to watch the rest of the show.

Sheree is soooo serious about Sheree! Can't stand her, but she's my fave!

Best guilty pleasure eva!!!