Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Question of the Day

This came up on Good Morning America

Would you date someone who was unemployed? Since the recession happened some people are being a bit more lenient with expectations of men, some not so much.

I was originally about to say hell naw, but I guess if you position it correctly (in between opportunties, avidly looking, etc), I'll consider it. My thing is if you're unemployed, then your main priority should be to get employed. And if we're talking about dating seriously, then I need to be the main priority, especially in the beginninng. (Not being selfish, just being honest).

Now if we're already serious and you lose your job, I'll ride out with you.

What do you all think? Is unemployment ok when dating? Is it ok in recession, but not otherwise?


Spiderlgs said...

I think by definition unemployed means without a job, but looking for work. Anyone can get laid off, so I think its only a no go if you are out of worka nd chillin at the crib and waiting for the Magic Job Fairy to hook you up. Someone who is applying for jobs, or working on their side hustle, but who has just been unlucky is definitely a go.

antithesis said...

explain how someone is asking me out when they cant afford to pay? i dont like people who dont make good financial moves and yes, he mad have a credit card or some money saved in preparation for a job loss but i dont think that money should be spent on extracurriculars (i.e. taking me out, etc.) holla at me when your situation improves. that might have come off the wrong way but unless we're enjoying a quiet meal in your home (which im not doing with someone i just met) im not down for it. that would only work with someone im already dating because that was food that was gonna get made anyway. like u said, im with you if we are already dating and you lose your job.

TatooTuesday said...

@ Antithesis

The weird part is that most of the people who I know who've lost jobs during this recession are people who are the some of the most well-educated and accomplished brothers I know.

MBA, CPA's and PMP's and the like.

But because their company laid off, they should suspend all other activities until they secure employment? If he sees a beautiful woman he likes, he shouldn't approach because he isn't working, lol. That is rdiculous!

I think this magnifies the difference between women and men. Men are moreso risk takers when it comes to dating than women are.

I've said it before, a man will date a woman who is a cashier or "unemployed" at Jewel's whop stimulates him physically, mentally and emotionally regardless of his standing in life.

Spiderlgs, I like your style!

J said...

That is why many of us need to have an emergency fund!! Most folks who are unemployed do get some kind of severance package and unemployment benefits. Not saying that I would feel comfortable dating someone when I know that he has limited funds. But I have done that in the past. I met my XDH when he was unemployed. He had a part-time job delivering papers at night. We limited what we did and occasionally I would accompany him on his routes. We were in our late 20's. I helped him get another job, get his credit straight, and moved on to a better job by paying for a resume. I enable him that after we married, I took care of everything. He is now married again and his is still being taken care of.

But I would date someone if they are actively looking for employment, smart with their money, and will try to do dutch and low budget dating ideas that we both can enjoy and not feel guilty about.

ThummyB said...

It really depends on the circumstance...

- I have a college degree and used to be employeed in a very professional capacity, but I got laid off a month ago due to the economy. Since then I've interviewed at a couple of places, and I expect to be back on my feet shortly = YES.

Actually, I shouldn't even say that it depends. The above situation is really the only one that I believe that I would accept.

boogie said...

I would just feel bad about 1)his situation and 2)him even ASKING me out. 3)guilt would start to set in and i might feel compelled to tip the scales and pay for a lot more than i typically do.

*however, this is ONLY a go if bro-man is looking. you cannot be sitting on your hind parts, chilling, texting me midday talking about, "what's popping tonight, boo?!"*

now, if my boo lost his job, we gonna ride it out and support the hell out of him.