Friday, July 3, 2009

Everything is funny to Me

You all know I hate doing laundry. It's not the act itself, it's the back and forth up and down the elevators, the people who don't get their clothes on time and the fact that my laundry room has three washers and two dryers. Don't know what genius thught that was a good idea.

So I go down at about 12:30 and there are clothes in the washer and dryer. I go back down about 1:10 and there are two washers open. SCORE! I figure I might as well do two of my three loads in case a dryer opens up. Sure enough, ONE dryer opens while my clothes are still washing. A woman comes in from shopping (I'm assuming her clothes were in the other washer). She asks the other lady in the laundry room if any of the other dryers are open. The lady says yes, there's ONE. So shopping lady goes upstairs I guess to unload her bags and pick up some quarters.

I quickly swoop in and get that one dryer for one of my loads and take all of my delicates upstairs to air dry. The shopping woman comes back down and tries to open the dryer right before I put my quarters in. I say "I'm using that dryer." She replies "You're using that dryer." eyebrows raised and err'thang. I was like yep (in the flat direct way I talk... I don't like having to repeat myself). She looked like she was three years old and I'd taken her Happy Meal toy.

LMAO! Is that funny to anyone else? I was DYING laughing on the inside...

What made her think I was going to wait for her to go upstairs and get herself together before getting a dryer.

I'm about to go read a book in the laundry room though... can't have this broad sabotaging my clothes.


b.enchanted said...

Be advised Ti- a biatch WILL put bleach in your machine while you aren't looking. You haven't come too far to forget ignorance... :)

ThummyB said...

I am STILL laughing at that! I particularly like the line "I was like yep (in the flat direct way I talk... I don't like having to repeat myself)." I can sooooo hear you saying that, and it cracks me up everytime!

Kismet said...

LMAO at this post and at b.

I had laundry battles this weekend so this is particularly funny to me. Man, people get t.o.u.c.h.y!