Thursday, July 9, 2009

Did I Really Just Say That?

It just occurred to me that I said some ignorant stuff this weekend. I was partying a lot, drinking a lot, so I actually only remember quotes in spurts.

We were at the House of Blues in Chicago (a Phil & Nate party) and Lance Gross was there. I've partied with him before at the Park in D.C. (that brother apparently knows all the hot spots in every city). So thummyb and I are about to dip because our feet are on 10 and @MrRogers pushes us into the VIP room. We get in there and who's chillin' on the couch, but Lance Gross.

I'm trying to figure out why all the seats in this VIP room are taken. (I know most of the people in the room, but dang). There were about 5 VIP rooms, he could have pushed us into the one with some open seating.

So I say out loud in one ridiculous stream of consciousness "Is that Lance Gross... Yeah, that's him... Well, we can leave because he's engaged... Well, maybe we should stay, I've been on bossip and the shit might not work out."

Yes, I said this out loud in earshot of Lance Gross. He just smiled his beautifully handsome smile back at me and I can only hope the DJ drowned me out. I doubt it though given how you have no sense or sound (or sight) when you're drunk.

A mess. I can't believe I said that.


ThummyB said...


The sad thing is, I heard that and only 2 things occurred to me:

#1. "Yeah, PyT just pointed him out 2 seconds ago. Tea NEVERS listens."

#2. "Who the fluck is Lance Gross anyway? Does he play for the Bears? No that's Rex Gross. Is he in a boy band? No that's Lance Bass. Oh well...he is fine."


T said...

@ thummyb LOL! I don't even remember PyT being in that room.

And for all the readers who don't know me in real life, I listen, I just can't hear well.

I'm too young to wear a hearing aide, so my friends just have to deal with me saying "what?" "huh?" and "what they say?" all the time.

TatooTuesday said...

LOL, funny as hell...

I would have loved a quote from the infamous spade's games from Thursday night as well.

T said...

@ TT, I can't remember those quotes (and I wasn't even drinking heavily), but I'm about to write a whole post on that. Thanks for the reminder!

antithesis said...

LOL, im sure he will survive. TMZ shouts all sorts of madness at celebs and im certain he's heard it all.

RB said...


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