Thursday, June 4, 2009

Will You Pray With Me?

Alright folks, it didn't even break 80 last weekend and already the murdering has started in Chicago. On Monday morning I woke up and found out 7 people had been killed in the last 24 hours. So much needs to happen, mentoring, more jobs, better school systems, better parenting, better fathering... so much.

But I can't do all that stuff right now and most of you don't even live in Chicago, so you can't either. Right now, I'm going to pray. I believe in God and truly believe in the power of prayer. If God can create miracles and make a way out of no way surely he can stop the violence and reform my city. Surely if he can work in my life, he can work as a collective.

The bible says ask and it shall be given unto you, seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be opened.

I think that if Kay in Canada and Kismet in Maine and BGG in NYC and Antithesis in D.C. and Mrs. Kormack and Nerd Girl in Mississippi and Spiderlgs in Atlanta and a lurker in Dallas and ALL my peeps in Chicago send up a prayer right now, we can protect the city. Pray the following prayer or pray your own, but PLEASE send one up for my troubled city.

Heavenly father,

We come today thanking you for the breath of life and sound body and mind. We ask you to send your angels of peace to the city of Chicago and it's surrounding suburbs. We ask you to put a spirit of reconcilliation in the hearts of those who seek revenge. We ask you to show hope and a future to the narrow mind of those who may be so quick to take another's life.

We ask you to provide mentors and parental figures for the youth who have lost their way. We ask you to use us where you can use us to be a light and an example to Chicago's youth. We ask you to restore jobs and means to those who would kill for money. We ask you to restore sanity to those who would kill for no reason.

We ask you to send answers and solutions to teachers, lawmakers and community leaders. We ask you to show your face and decrease this violence RIGHT NOW LORD. We ask you to send a spirit of hope, understanding and protection for all the families and friends of slain loved ones. We are asking and believing right now that you will hear our prayers and touch our communities.

Do it Lord. In the name of Jesus we ask it all and in his name we BELIEVE you will act.



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I didn't know there was so much violence in Chicago. That's crazy. Stay safe.