Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What is that smell?

So, the NOLA culture was awesome, but there were some weirdness that I couldn't not talk about.

1) Do restaurants in the south have something against cleanliness? I know that Chicago is very clean, so I have higher standards than most, but the times I had to clean off my own table were ridiculous. And it was always like wiping stuff off, but not CLEANING it. And you know what, after I had been there for a little while, I started to not even notice the filth. I guess everyone else is that same way, which is why the cleanliness stardards were so low, but I swear, I just wanted to rub everything down with some Clorox wipes.

2) We went to Popeyes. We got some chicken tenders, so we could walk down Bourbon Street and eat at the same time. (Don't judge me). It was like 10 p.m. and they closed at 11. They only had three chicken tenders left and I got them first. So we had to wait for Thummyb's chicken tenders. They said three minutes. What they did not factor in was the time it was going to take to tell the cook to actually cook the tenders.

thummyb orders tenders, waits five minutes, the helper asks her what she was waiting on, she says chicken tenders, the cook overheard and says "Aw, you want me to put some tenders in." Nah, I just like standing here looking hungry... Uh... womp.

Then I get my food, go to pay for it and I ask for some sauce my my chicken. The girl said:

"Udder sigh" I can't understand half the people in Louisiana, so I just said yeah, can I have some sauce. She said "Udder sigh." After about 60 seconds of looking at her like she was crazy I surmised that what she meant was that the sauce was on the other side of the restaurant. So I pay and go to the other side looking for sauce... nothing.

So I come back and I'm like where is the sauce and she was like oh it's right here. By udder sigh, she meant she needed to walk HER ass to the other side of the counter to get me my sauce. Only in the south.

3) Last thing because this post is getting long, but Bourbon street smelled like hot ass and old beer. I mean it was RANK. Through and through. R's little brother kept being like these mf-ers stank. I'm sure it's a combination of people drinking too much everynight (and inevitably getting sick), people throwing liquor on the street, garbage being put right on the sidewalk like in New York. (I hate on Chicago, but at least we had the good sense to create alleys) and last but not least folks not wearing the right undergarments. That's right we saw a whole lot of old lady bosoms and va-jay-jays up close and personal and it they had some panties or something on to catch the sweat maybe the street wouldn't have smelled like a showerless brothel (or Kams on a Saturday night).

I'm just sayin'


antithesis said...

see, the adventures u be havin...i cant wait to hang out. oh and dont expect me to play hostess b/c i know probably way less than you when it comes to fun places to hang. cant tell u how many fail moments ive had since coming home from school.

T said...

LOL! Girl, you don't have to host. I know the party spot and Kismet spent her grad school years in D.C. (probably while you were in the A), so she's got us!!!

ThummyB said...

I love that it takes less than a week to begin to 'sort of' adjust to nastiness. I mean...none of us were OK w/the situation. However, we all pretty much accepted it, and made do.