Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Welcome to the Party!!!

So yesterday I told you all how I put in work. Well, today's cyber-party is in celebration of my recent promotion. That's right, your girl got a promotion at my 9 to 5 (in the middle of a recession). GOD IS SO GOOD!!! I'm so happy and excited and that sentiment will fade just as quickly as my new work piles up, so let's do it up big right now.

Since this is a cyber-party, it'll also be a fantasy party. i.e. we're doing it way bigger than I will in real life:

Welcome to my penthouse condo overlooking Navy Pier. It's 89 degrees in the Chi and my bartender working hard. So far, we're poppin' Champagne every 15 minutes and Patron shots are in full rotation along with Green Teatinis. We've also got some mocktails for my folks who are taking it easy.

I've got some steak and chicken kabobs on the grill, some crab quesadillas in the oven and a potato bar out back (garlic mashed potatoes, real butter red potatoes, baked potatoes, cheddar cheese potatoes and coconut candied yams). To top if off you MUST grab a fresh chocolate and pecan filled beignets from my favorite French bakery.

I'll be kickin' it in the comments and if you've never partied with me you're in for a treat! My peeps and I get it in!!!

Folks are showing up minute by minute and everyone is required to do a toast as they walk in the door.

So please, join the party, bring some juice (I got a lot of liquor and forgot to get the cutting agents), grab a cyber flute on your way in the door and give a cyber-toast to your girl by the pool.


b.enchanted said...

Here's to you T, the hardest working friend I have! Congrats on the new job! I love the new place also! Grab that girl and ask her to take a pic of us. Wait, we weren't ready, take another one. Thanks! (wth she didn't even say she was about to take the pic...) Me? I'm just having a chocolate martini. Yeah, yeah, it's pretty good. Head over to the food with me, I haven't had lunch yet. :)

antithesis said...

To T, with her humor and wit. That combination makes for an awesome personality mixed with general good sense and business savvy. The promotion was well-deserved. Now let me knock back this patron margarita.

T said...

YAY! Welcome to the party ladies. @ B, I hope those pics come out ok because the after photos won't be as um... poised.

@ Antithesis, there are some 30-something cuties in the back girl. They're in town from NYC for the weekend, I told them I had some pretty friends stopping through. Holla @ 'em!

Anyway, I'm too sober right now. Double shots all around!!! Wait, wait? *marching around like a soldier* do I hear my song? "I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T Do you know what that means!?!?!

antithesis said...

*now chatting with a 30+ cutie amd enjoying the round of shots*

antithesis said...

oh no, he had too many of those garlic mashed potatoes. good day, sir

b.enchanted said...

Yeah, I saw that guy too...

Southside_Superstar said...

Well T let me start by saying I'm SO VERY PROUD of you! I consider you to be an amazing friend and confidant, your successes are all hard earned and well deserved!....Now all that being said, Yes I did show up to your party with two bottles of Rose in hand along with a portable stripper pole. Announcing once this pole gets up me and T making rain on yall hoes! I got $1000 singles and I know some of yall feeling this recession! Here you go T $500, go get em! We gotta give back, LMFAO!

kay* said...

"woot woot!"
[that's what i shout as i enter the door and hand you a bouquet of peonies]
"girly i am SO happy for you! maybe i'll move to chicago and work for you? we'll see! now where's the crab quesadillas?"
[after i eat i ask you to point me to a fine cutie without girlfriend, kids..and who is employed...]
"'cause one of us has to be!" i say and laugh a bit

seriously. i'm so happy for you. congrats!

T said...

4S, slow up. You killing my game with the 30-something cuties.

Antithesis, ol' boy was feeling you so tough. I told him I'd give you his number: It's 1-800-probly-not.

B, you're too small to keep drowning those chocolate martinis like that. I'll go get the guest room ready. No way I'm letting you drive home tonight.

@ Kay, thanks so much for stopping through and for the flowers. You are too sweet. Girl, you have to see what I did with my living room. You blog inspired me... so I hired a kay-esque decorator. She's fab, it's fab. Let me show you!!!

*side eye* I see 4S done locked up one of my thick homies from the west side. He put the ones back in his pocket and everything. He's about to be back on the cake train. Don't do it, 4S, don't do it!!!

Luvvie said...

*walks thru door HOLLERING*

CONGRATULATIONS T!!!! Where do I drop the bottle of Bailey's I brought to this here, shindig???

That is my JAMMMM!!!

*does a mean 2-step*
*sees cutie and winks (or tried to)*
*cutie rushes over sand says "You got something in your eye? Let me see...*


kay* said...

lmao...too funny! all of these comments have made me laugh :)

TatooTuesday said...

As I walk through the door wearing a tuxedo t-shirt, bow tie and fresh Nike Dunks, I change the music immediately to Gucci Mane La Flare, Rick Ross and "Banging the Headboard" by Robert Sylvester Kelly the party starts to jumpoff in a South Side kind of way. I also have more Rose and about 3 chicks all 21-23. I brought the young chicks because 4S told me some 30 something year old dudes were tryna snatch all the action! So they started talking to my young chicks and I swooped in immediately. Antithesis and her dimples didn't stand a chance and I got her number immediately!
I have a bottle of Don Julio for T especially so we can break her of this Patron addiction. Hey we gotta fight fire with fire.
By the end of the night, I'm almost drunk running around talking about, its a celebration bitches like I was Dave Chapelle.
Hell of a party T.

Congrats again.

ThummyB said...

Clearly I'm late to the party, which is a rare event indeed!

However, I am rolling in w/another bottle of Patron, and I'm headed STRAIGHT to the shot table. 3 more shots and 4 kabobs later, and your girl is niiiiiice. I'm hitting the dance floor and snapping pics unnoticed. Please believe we're gonna have some laughs in the morning!

I consider hitting the skripper pole, but then I ponder who 4S might have had on that bad boy previously, and I opt out. Instead I crank 'Turn my swag on' and rock out w/my BFF!