Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tell 'Em Why You Mad, Son

I'm was in a pissy mood when I wrote this and it was my own fault. You all know I keep things in the drafts for a while, but this day I skipped my morning run and whenever I do that, I'm in a bad mood.

So that day people were asking me dumb questions. Seriously, everyday, people ask me dumb questions, but that day I was bothered. Here's what I would have liked to say

Managee at 9 a.m.: I have a quick question about XYZ. Can I stop by your office
What I said: Sure, anytime.
What I wanted to say: Hell naw, figure that shit out yo-self

Colleague: T, who did you work with to create XYZ
What I said: I created it, passed it on to NAME and NAME passed it on to legal
What I wanted to say: Who did I work with? I worked with my got damn self? And please don't ask me for any help when you do it. It's your project now.

Manager: Can you keep me looped in on this?
What I said: Of course! :)
What I wanted to say: What the fuck else, besides cc-ing you on the e-mail do you want me to do? Did I not CC you already? How would you have known about it if I didn't already tell you. Are you not looped in right now? What I'd like to do is loop your ass right out of my presence. UGH!


antithesis said...

reminds me of my time working in housing. people do NOT want to think for themselves and if folks simply checked their email, they would know shit. would u like me to chew ur food and swallow it for u, too? naw, im sure u got THAT covered. dumbass...

JOE CASTRO said...

i've found that the best way to deal with dumb questions, is to give dumb answers. example:

Some Dumb Editor w/a Dumb Question: nice write up of that interview with Blah Blah... were you able to find his office or no?

(clearly i did, if i wrote the interview)

Me w/a Dumb Answer: twelve.

(awkward dumbfounded glances exchanged... at least a two week waiting period before dummy will ask me another dumb question ensues)

i can gets dumb with the best of 'em.

la said...

How did the editor know you didn't do a phone interview? ;)

Multiple solutions to the same problem = differences in "common" sense

T said...

@ Joe Castro I'm *dead* at you answering 12. No really, I laughed out loud for a good long time. I'm going to be sitting on the bus later and just CRACK up laughing at that.

JOE CASTRO said...

because my instructions were to go meet with the gentleman AND my article included pictures with which the editor loaned me the camera to take said pictures... don't empathize with that dumb bell.

JOE CASTRO said...

@T dumb answers are always the way to go... i'm mean, sure it'll get you a rep as 'the person with dumb answers', but all the smart people will realize they shouldn't ask you dumb questions.

Soapbox Cormack said...

Sad to see we are all using the same stupid corporate lingo too. looped in, leverage, robust, blah blah... Words that just indicate someone took a little time to right click on synonym, and now we all can skip a step before sending that final draft.

la said...


Thanks for clearing that up. Not really empathizing with the editor. I'm just realizing more and more that miscommunication/assumptions are the root of most problems. My new motto is: "ask questions!" Even the dumb ones!