Monday, June 8, 2009


This goes out to all my DJs... this is how you all sound

If you were born before 1986 makes some noise, where all my 21-24 year olds at, where my old heads at, over 30, over 40? If you make more than $40,000 a year let me hear ya, if you got laid off and are living on a severance package, if you just smoke weed all day and never had a job, where my independent women at, where my fellas makin money at, where my ballas at, NBA, NFL, MLB, Big 10 make some noise, City Colleges of Chicago, STAND UP, HBCUs HOLLA!!!

If you hate Souljah boy and love Eric Robeson, if you hate Dwele and love Bow Wow, if you think Spectacular from Pretty Ricky is gay, if you can't wait to do the Stanky Legg, I need to hear you!!!

If you're celebrating a birthday, anniversary, graduation or breakup, MAKE SOME NOISE!!!

If you got on your freak em dress, stand up, if you wearing leggings and heels say something. If you got your toes out and you got pretty feet. If you got stillettos on with hammertoes, If you're from Chicago, the suburbs, Central Illinois, Southern Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa any state that touches Illinois or if you're from far away from here MAKE SOME NOISE!!!

If you ain't got no kids, if you've had more than two abortions, if you left the shorties at home with a babysitter, if you've got more than two baby daddies, if you recently had your tubes tied, if you're trying in vitro fertilization to get like Jon and Kate plus 8, MAKE SOME NO-ISE!!!

LMAO! Basically, the memo is if you're in the club, just get loud for the DJ. I was CRACKIN' up on Memorial Day weekend at this ridiculousness.

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K to the... said...

LMAO! I swear that whole first paragraph is what the DJ says at Green Dolphpin.