Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Look What I Got

Oooh wee. I was excited when I bought it and I was excited when it got to the job this afternoon, but now that I'm online OOH WE!!!. Having a computer that actually works swiftly is such a blessing. I'm doing the Stanky Legg right into a Hallelujah dance. Oh yes, your girl is excited.

I guess I should update you on this post. The job hasn't come through with the $500 credit because of the recession, but I just couldn't wait any longer (can't believe it's been almost a year since I posted that). They do, however, have an employee purchase program and I got about 19% off this bad boy.

I didn't get a Mac because they're discount wasn't deep enough. I might kick myself about it later... but probably not.

Transunion has two erroneous delinquincies on my credit report, which I found out only after I was denied for credit for this machine. It's so upsetting too because I had both of these MISTAKES removed 15 months ago, they weren't on my credit reports in March when I checked them... and now they're back. It's like people at the credit agencies are like uh... yeah... we can correct our mistakes... um hm... sure... whatever. And then they just go back to playing Solitairre.

All that to say I broke had my no-credit-cash-only-rule and put this beautiful device on a credit card. I think I can get it back down to a zero balance in three months (would be sooner, but I need to spend cash on these trips). Keep a sister's perseverance in your prayers. Penny penching to pay down debt is tough.

Anyway, I'm rambling 'cause I'm so excited. The moral of this story is... I love my new laptop (and Transunion can kick rocks). YAY!!!

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PyT said...

Damn girl...

Have I been that caught up with my own life and problems that I didn't notice you had a new laptop. I'm so sorry. I really am awful.

Congrats on your new purchase... I'm sure you love it!