Thursday, June 11, 2009

Is this thing on?

Hellloooooooooooooooooo. (blogspot echo: hello, hello, hello)
Is anyone out there? I haven't heard from a bunch of your all in a while. Hollatchagurl. I miss your comments.


antithesis said...

girl, that is exactly how i feel. i must be boring ya'll and i cant be mad b/c im boring myself. i actually thought about just shutting the whole thing down but i still need my little space on the interwebs.

kay* said...

my access to internet has been spotty....but hoping everything should get back to normal in the next few days...i can barely read and comment on my fave blogs :( i'm going through withdrawal lololol

but you are note boring me!

b.enchanted said...

Life gets busy. I heart you though. But now that my students are gone I'll have plenty of time for reading!

Kismet said...

hey man. yeah the common room hs been dead lately too. guess life is getting in the way.

i'm here but i retired W2S so im on a different rhythm with the blog checking. going to do better.

i love the mic check tho.

maybe you need to be like JJP and stick an open thread up here every once in awhile so we can all fight it out. ill start

::drop kicks antithesis, runs and punches kay* in the nose, sticks b.enchanted in a headlock, looks around for thummby but doesn't find anyone matching the description so she runs for the door::

i'm ready!!!!! GRRRRRR!!!!!

::end Kismet late night randomness::

Product Junkie Diva said...

I think it's the warm weather because the number of people leaving comments has decreased for me too. But I will get emails from people who tell me they read but never interesting anyway keep blogging we are reading:-)
Antithesis girllllll you know I live at your spot don't close it down :-)

antithesis said...

*trips kismet as she heads out the door*

Kismet said...

::grabs for the stiletto and misses, falls back in resignation holding her head:: see and THAT'S what i get for starting fights! look what you started Tea!

antithesis said...

is kismet coming to dc, too? lawd, i will DIE!

T said...

Girl, Kismet lives in D.C. (sometimes). Y'all probably be mean mugging each other on the metro.

Kismet said...

LOL. Ha ha ha!

I am here for now and should be there that weekend. Hollaatchurgurl!!!!

And it is HOT here btw T. Ugh.

Reese said...

im lurking.....been busy as hell T, miss ya tho, we gotta get together for drinks soon